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When is it safe to change a nipple ring?

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The piercing is similar to any other in terms of wait time. If the area does not become infected, you could probably change the ring in a week or two. To be sure, wait at least six weeks. If the nipple is sore(possible infection) do not try to take change it. Wait fr the area to fully heal. To make the change extra easy, change it in the shower.

2006-10-31 14:04:33
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Q: When is it safe to change a nipple ring?
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Can you change a nipple ring on your own and how?

Yes, you can. During the initial healing period it is always best if you get your nipple ring changed by the piercer, but after your nipple piercing has healed completely, you can change it on your own, at will. Here's how: 1) Make sure that the new nipple ring which you intend to insert is disinfected properly. Cleaning it with some antibacterial soap often does the trick. In addition to the nipple ring, your hands as well as the nipple piercing should be cleaned thoroughly with antibacterial soap. 2) Now for removing the old nipple ring. You need to start by pressing your skin next to one hole of the nipple piercing. Keeping the skin pressed, you have to slowly remove the ring from the piercing bit by bit till it comes out completely. 3) The new nipple ring should be inserted in much the same way. You have to pinch your nipples to make the piercing visible and then put the ring into one hole. Slowly keep pushing the nipple ring further into the hole till you see it come out from the other hole. Once inserted fully, you simply need to close the ring or tighten any screws on the ring. If you are finding it a little difficult, you should oil your piercing and your new nipple ring with some water based lubricant before changing the nipple ring, as this will facilitate the process. Putting a hot compress on your skin or taking a hot shower just prior to changing your nipple ring also helps a lot as this makes your skin softer, which enables the nipple ring to be changed relatively easier. With practice, it will become very easy to change your nipple ring, and practice you will get aplenty. What with the thousands of varieties of nipple rings available nowadays, you might just end up changing your nipple ring very often. Hence the above advice is sure to come in handy, provided of course that you do have a nipple piercing!

How do you make a fake nipple piercing?

To make a simple fake nipple piercing, you need to obtain a nipple ring and bend the ring with pliers so that the ring looks like a U shape which you can then apply to your nipple and adjust to your own needs.

Nipple ring defibrilator?

What is the question?

Can you use a tongue ring as a nipple ring as well?

No. A tongue stud is too long to be a good nipple ring. You'd wind up catching it on something and then you'd really be sorry.

When is it safe to change you nipple piercing?

You can change it as soon as it's completely healed; female 6-9 months, male 3-6 months

What is diameter of ayesha takia nipple ring?

3 cm

Right now you have your left nipple done And the problem you are facing is that you can see the ring through the nipple Is it natural?

It sounds like the ring is migrating. Go see a piercer, preferably the one you went to for the piercing.

Is nipple piercing safe?

Dont do it just to be cool. mmmmmk.

Does your period change the color of your nipple?


Is it safe to travel with an engagement ring?

Yes it is safe to travel with your engagement ring.

Does a nipple get bigger when you have breast cancer?

Any noticeable change in the nipple area should be checked by a doctor.

How long for the soreness to go away after you have a nipple ring on?

If done correctly a few minutes.

Does robin Meade Have Nipple Piercings?

Just one. Left side. Thin silver ring.

When did Janet Jackson get her nipple ring?

Atleast by 1997 bc she said It in an interview with Oprah in 1997

Can you get nipple Cancer?

Cancer can sometimes present as skin changes on the nipple. A sudden change from an "outie" nipple to a retracted "innie" nipple can also be a sign of cancer. (Inverted, or "innie" nipples are not a sign of cancer if they've always been that way).

Can you get your Nipple piercing with a barbell?

Yes you can, but this depends on the piercer in question, it is simpler to do the initial piercing with a ring but some prefer barbells i recommend that a ptfe bar is used tho as they bend to suit your nipple

Reasons for itchy nipple and areola with nipple discharge?

Could more than likely be Padget's Disease. Go to the doctor to have a look at it for what it might be. Better safe than sorry.

Can you wear a nipple ring if you got it pierced with a bar?

Nipple piercings are straight piercings regardless of what jewellery is in the piercing when it was first done, the barbell allows the piercing to discharge and affords room for cleaning better than a ring does. Don't let anyone tell you that if the piercing is done with a curved needle the piercing is curved, that a line of BS. Once the piercing is healed you can change over to what is called a "D" ring this ring has a straight section that goes through the piercing and is by far more comfortable than a standard ring. It has the appearance of a ring but the straight segment allows the ring to be moved without twisting a curvature in the piercing like you would with a standard ring. Ultimately for day to day wear the barbell is going to be your jewelery of choice, for comfort and discretion.

Is it safe to swim with a lip ring?


Is it safe to get my nipple pierced again after it's been removed?

Yes it shouldn't make any difference

Can the nipple change during the menopause one nipple has becomes softer when been stimulated and startes to retract into the brest?

It's possible, but I suggest you see your gynocologist.

What is a ring of color?

small circular area such as that around the human nipple or an inflamed area around a pimple or insect bite

How do you remove a bar type nipple ring?

Simply unscrew the ball off of either side of the barbell and remove the jewellery.

When can you change a lip ring?

Stepping a lip ring down can generally be done two weeks after the piercing has been done, by then the swelling should have eased and a smaller ring can be put in place. If you still have swelling it would be wise to wait another week just to be safe.

How do you remove nipple ring?

If the piercing was done with a captive bead ring ( the ring has a bead on it ) push the bead to one side of the ring , you need to apply a bit of force to get the bead to pop off the ring. Once the bead is out roll the ring out of the piercing. If you are still having issues best visit your local body piercer for assistance.