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If you started dating, it would be too early. The common time when lovers tell their love that they love them is when 1 month passes or so. But what really matters is that your heart tells you when to tell your lover that you love them.

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So, unless this is the 'friends with benefits' relationship, I would think about breaking up with him.

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When you truly believe you do love him.

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Depends how old you are.

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Q: When is it too early to tell a lover that you love them?
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How do you kiss my lover or how to ask her a kiss?

you kiss your lover only if you love them. then if you are in love with her/him and shes/he is in love with you too then ..................glad i can help:)

What does it mean when you dream you are making love to someone you are in love with?

I believe it means that you are confident that your lover returns your love. There is a chance that the dream suggests a little too much self absorption with your lover, maybe in the sense of a mild co-dependence; this may just be the result of early infatuation, though.

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How anyone stopped a man from cheating in the case you knew he was in love with you still?

Noone can stop him. Because He loves! Love is an ultimate thing. """"You can stop loving yourself to him but you can not stop anyone who loves you a lot!!""" you don't have right to tell that not to love me. This is not saying!! This is my feeling. I love my lover than anyone. I love her good things and bad things too. Love is nothing but a feeling from heart. That feeling don't come until you love a person in deep. Its better to find a good lover than a good friend. Lover can love you like a friend but a friend can not love you like a lover.

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when you are in love you feel right at home in the arms of your partner. Tell him/her that you love them as soon as you can. They may love you too!

Is falling in love when you are young a wrong decision?

Falling in love is not a bad decision. Getting married too early or having sex too early are a bad decisions.

If you love a boy and he loves you too but he goes out with another girl what do you do and he knows you love him too?

you move on or you tell him you love him and come out

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