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When is nuclear fission used?


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In the operation of nuclear power plants like PWR and BWR

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Fission is used in nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons.

Nuclear fission has been used in nuclear bombs and is currently being used in every nuclear power plant on the earth.

Nuclear fission is used to power ships. During nuclear fission pressurized water reacts with energy during a turbine cycle! Nuclear plants also use this!

Nuclear Fission is the key idea behind Nuclear bombs and nuclear reactor hi

You get nuclear fission in:nuclear fission reactorsatomic fission bombs

No, we wouldn't say uranium-235 is a product of nuclear fission. It is used a fuel in nuclear fission, and the products of a fission reaction come from that uranium.

Nuclear fission reactorsNuclear fission bombs

There are different elements for different types of nuclear bombs, but for nuclear fission, the most commonly used are: Uranium and Plutonium.

It is used to produce electricity in a nuclear power plant

Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion

No, nuclear fission operates all nuclear reactors. If they are power plant reactors it is used to generate electricity.

The heat from nuclear fission is what generates electricity. Water is heated in a nuclear reactor, which then generates steam which is used to power electrical generators.

- Nuclear Fission is used in creating atom bomb. -Nuclear Fusion is used in creating hydrogen bomb and is more power than nuclear fission (atom bomb).

yes on condition of the availability of the necessary nuclear fission device (nuclear reactors or critical assemblies).

Nuclear fission is now commercially available in nuclear fission reactors since the fifties of last century. Nuclear Fusion is still under R&D. Nuclear fission reactors are clean energy source.

In actuality, a spontaneous fission event begins a nuclear chain reaction. It kick starts a nuclear chain reaction. And a neutron from that fission will initiate another fission to continue and rev up that nuclear chain reaction.

During nuclear fission the atomic nucleus is splitted.

The heat energy resulting from nuclear fission is used to produce steam that spins the turbine.

Nuclear fission is used in nuclear weapons to create what some might call an atomic blast (nuclear blast). Nuclear fission used this way can also be applied in special complex designs to generate enough thermal energy (heat) to initiate a fusion reaction. This creates an even bigger nuclear blast.

It is the kind of fission that occurs in nuclear fission bombs

In nuclear reactors used to generate electricity, and in many nuclear warheads.

Nuclear fission produces heat, which is used to heat water and make steam. This steam is then used in steam turbines to create electricity.

That released by fission in a nuclear reactor

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