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The Presidential Inauguration Day is held on January 20. The term of the president officially starts at noon on that day.

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What does a president do on inauguration day?

He is officially "sworn-in" as the next President.

What day does the Inauguration of the US President take place on?

The inauguration of the U.S. president takes places on January 20.

Who is the president elect?

It is the title of the soon-to-be president between Election Day and Inauguration Day.

What is the day that Barack Obama get his job?

The president officially assumes his position as U.S. president on inauguration day. The inauguration ceremony is usually held on January 20th.

What is the Presidents inauguration month?

The next Inauguration Day will be January 20, 2009. hat is the day when the new president is sworn in.

Why is the inauguration on a specific day?

well because that's the official day the president elect becomes president

Who was the president that delayed his inauguration?

Zachary Taylor declined to be inaugurated on the Sabbath, and delayed his inauguration one day.

What is inauguration day?

A SPECIAL DAY (= The day the President Elect is officially named President of the United States. He takes oath on this day.

What day does the president recite the oath of office?

Inauguration Day, which is on January 20th.

Which president began attending church before the inauguration?

Franklyn Roosevelt. Heard this on the Today Show on Inauguration Day.

What is an acrostic poem for inauguration?

Inauguration day the day a person gets elected as president.Now we have a black president.A man that was a black president was Barack.Unable to disrespect people in a inauguration.Good citizens think you should leave the inauguration alone.U SHOULD CONSIDER LEAVING THE INAUGURATION.Rosa parks was alive for the inauguration with gorge bush.A man who loves the U.S.A. is god.To people that like inaugurations are Obama and his wife.I like inaugurations because its long.One day i seen a inauguration i was sleep.No people that does not watch the news.

Does the president elect become president if the president dies?

Not until Inauguration Day, the current Vice President would become President

Is the election of a president a ceremony?

No, the election of a president is a civic exercise. The inauguration of a president, however, is a day of considerable ceremony.

What day was George Bush re elected president?

inauguration day is January 20, 2005

Were and what is the date of the inaugural day for the president?

Inauguration Day falls on January 20 in Washington, D.C.

When does a president elect officially become president?

At noon after being sworn in on inauguration day which is Janurary 20th

What happened on inauguration day of 2009?

The president-elect was sworn in becoming President of the United States of America.

On what date does the president officially take office?

Ever since the 1930s, Inauguration Day has been January 20. Until 1933, Inauguration Day was March 4.

Which president got pneumonia at his inauguration day?

William Henry Harrison got pneumonia on his inauguration day in 1840 or soon thereafter and died one month later.

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