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Around and during the time she is ovulating. To learn how to chart ovulation see related link.

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Q: When is the best time to have intercourse for a woman to get pregnant?
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What is the best time to have intercourse and not get pregnant?

Anytime with a condom and the pill

First time intercourse can a lady become pregnant?

Yes. A woman can become pregnant after her first time. It is an old myth that a woman can not become pregnant after the first time. Unless birth control was used properly, there is always a chance that she is pregnant.

Can you become pregnant the first time you have intercourse?

Yes, you can become pregnant the first time you have intercourse.

After physical relationship how many times to take pregnant-?

A woman can pregnant the first time she has sexual intercourse. Someone may take years to get pregnant. It all depends on the individual woman.

Can a woman be pregnant after her menstruration?

Yes. That's the best time you can get pregnant.

Will you get pregnant every time you have sexual intercourse?

No. Can you get pregnant ever time you have sexual intercourse? Yes. Is there something you can do to decrease the risk of getting pregnant everytime you have sexual intercourse? Yes.

Why can a woman get pregnant if she has a period during intercourse?

This is because the female menstrual cycle is as unpredictable as females! Sometimes the woman's ovaries can release a mature egg during the time of her period as well. If this is the case, the woman can get pregnant if she has sex during this time.

Is it possible for a women to get pregnant on her cycle?

Yes, it is possible. A woman can get pregnant any time she engages in intercourse though are more susceptible to pregnancy while ovulating.

What is the right time to be pregnant?

When a woman is physically, emotionally and financially prepared to care for a child is the best time to be pregnant.

Does being a virgin increase chances of becoming pregnant?

No. When a woman has intercourse for the first time, she is no more or less likely to become pregnant than if she has had sex 500 times.

How many days after menstruation can a woman get pregnant?

A woman can get pregnant at any time but the best time is about 12 days after menstruation has finished up until it starts again

Is it possible to get pregnant after 2 months from the date of intercourse?

No by that time the sperms have died. They can only live 3 days/72 hours in the woman's body.

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