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Take a red-eye flight. Those tend to be cheapest. If you're looking at the best time of year, avoid holidays. It is often the case that February and early March (before Easter travel gets under way) are cheap. Different airlines have different policies, so do a thorough search.

There is another problem. You might encounter problems with the French school holidays where you return flights are going to be booked. So check on those days. That is the low tourist season to good luck with flights. The flights start going up in March. Late March to Early September the flights become more expensive. But they are becoming more expensive anyway.

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When is the cheapest time to fly to Singapore from the US?

25:00 hrs

When is the cheapest time of year to fly from Czech Republic to New York US?

I think... November

What is the cheapest time of day to fly in the US?

12am to 4 am is the cheapest time of day to fly because most people try to fly around a more convenient hour, such as the middle of the day. Also, by flying at this time, you are more likely to be in a much less crowded airport.

Which US airport is the cheapest location to fly out of to Beijing?

San Francisco (SFO) to Beijing Capital (PEK) would be the cheapest.

How do you get to France when you live in the US?

You fly in an airplane.

Where is the cheapest place in the US to fly to from Paris?

I don't know and i don't care

What airlines fly into France?

Depending on the airport in France, there are a variety of airlines that fly into France. For example, Delta, Air France, US Airways, Brussels Airlines, EVA Airlines, and Swiss all fly into Paris, France.

When is the cheapest time to fly from US to Europe during the summer months?

Based on early March '08 airfare searches, seems like the first week in June and last week in August are cheapest

When is the cheapest time of the year to fly from the Philippines to the US?

I think that the best way to find the cheapest flights is to sign up at one of the websites specialized in airfare deals alerts. However I think you can buy the cheapest tickets for autumn - but it also depends when you buy them..

When is cheapest time of year to fly from US to UK?

You must be kidding? Fly when you've saved enough, but for the sake of this. Jan. thats only because of the STORMS they get and most likely British Airways will be on STRIKE.

Is France ahead of the US in time?

France is ahead of the U.S. in time.

US president during battlefield of France?

who was the us president at the time of the battle of France

Which US airlines offer the cheapest flights to Italy?

The US airlines that offer the cheapest flights to Italy include Air France and Alitalia. You can find more deals or book these flights from the SkyScanner and Trip Advisor websites.

Form which US city can the cheapest flights to Malta be found?

Unfortunately, it appears that no direct flights to Malta can be found from the US. If one wishes to travel from the US to Malta, one will have to schedule a flight from the US to the UK, France, or Spain then fly from there. The flights from the US to the UK are comparable to most other routes traveled, as one can schedule a flight for approximately 89USD.

Where online can I find the cheapest airline tickets to Hawaii?

The cheapest airline tickets to Hawaii can be found on the website Orbitz. The cheapest island to fly to is Honolulu. Where you depart from will affect the cost as well. People from the east coast of the US will usually pay more.

How do you fly to Mali from the US?

You would have to go through another country. You could fly to Charles de Gaulle Airport in France and on to Mali from there.

Where was the US during the invasion of France?

The US was a neutral country at that time.

What is the safest time of year to fly in the US?

winter is the safest time to fly where is no ground heating and sudden changes in air temp

Who was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean from us to France?

Charles "Slim" Lindbergh.

Where is the cheapest town to fly to in US?

It is not where you are going, but how long the distance is. So to any one airport, you will have different prices depending on the airline and where you are flying from. So there is no answer to the question.

What is the cheapest European city to fly to from the US?

Typically I have found either London and Dublin the cheapest but that can change when fares go on sale. Right now it seems all the fare are running between $600-800 for travel closer to the winter.

What is the cheapest airline to fly to Massachusetts on?

It depends on a) if you are flying international and then where from b) if you are flying domestically and where from Midwest airlines are good domestically but they do not fly from all US cities and you would nearly always need to Change in Milwaukee WI

What airlines fly to Germany from Phoenix?

Delta, British Airways, US Airways, and United airlines all fly from Phoenix to various cities in Germany. Air France and Lufthansa also fly out of Phoenix to Germany.

What airline did the Beatles fly on there first time coming to the US?


Could you fly a single engine plane from FL to Brazil?

Not on one tank of fuel, but yes you could do it. You can fly single-engine planes from Europe to the US--Pilatus flies every PC-12 from Switzerland to Colorado to have its interior installed, and Socata flies all the TBM850s that were sold to US-based operators from France to the US. The Socata program is especially fun because they encourage the new owner to go to France and help fly the plane back to the US. We do not refer to flying your brand-new airplane from France to the US as work. I don't know, though...if I was in Europe with a brand-new airplane, I don't think I'd be in any real hurry to fly it back to the US.