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Q: When is the expert answerthon?
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When will you know the winners of the AnswerThon?

The AnswerThon winners are usually announced on the AnswerThon Home Page within 10 days of closing the AnswerThon challenge.

How do you get a user name for the AnswerThon?

Your AnswerThon user name is your user name, by default. When you register for an AnswerThon, it automatically registers your Answers user name.More information can be found about the AnswerThon by going to the AnswerThon home page.

Where is the registration for the 2014 AnswerThon?

There is currently no registration for the 2014 AnswerThon.

Who is winning the AnswerThon?

My Money is on Aggie80 to win this years answerthon...

Do you need a Facebook to participate in an AnswerThon?

No, not for this AnswerThon! You can be a legacy OR Facebook connected member to participate in the AnswerThon!However, there is a bonus for winners who are Facebook connected. Check out the link below for more details on the AnswerThon.

What is the AnswerThon Xtreme?

The AnswerThon Extreme is a two tier contest to see who can post the most answers in four consecutive days. It offers more time than the average AnswerThon, which is generally 48 hours. For more information on the AnswerThon, see the AnswerThon home page.

Can there please be an AnswerThon soon?

Yes, there can! ;) The next AnswerThon is scheduled for Thursday, July 17 - Sunday, July 20, 2014. To stay current on AnswerThon news, check out the AnswerThon home page (link below).

Where do I sign up for the AnswerThon?

During AnswerThon sign-up periods (usually 2 weeks before a scheduled AnswerThon), you can sign up on the Answers home page, or on the AnswerThon home page (link below).

How many answers did the winner of the last AnswerThon give?

For the most previous AnswerThon results, please see the AnswerThon home page (link below).

What is the How-to AnswerThon on WikiAnswers?

The How-To AnswerThon was a special edition AnswerThon held November 8-9 2008. The goal was to answer as many How-To questions as you could in 48 hours.

Where can you find information about the AnswerThon?

You can find information about the AnswerThon on the AnswerThon home page (linked below). This page will give you dates, instructions, rules, and tips!

Who own the AnswerThon?

WikiAnswers is the owner of the AnswerThon. It was made up by and run by the WikiAnswers staff.

When will the Answerthon results be announced?

The results of Answerthon Xtreme have been posted on the No Stupid Answers blog. See the related links. If an Answerthon is not taking place the results of the previous contest will be posted at the Answerthon related link below as well.

Has the AnswerThon started?

AnswerThons are hosted regularly on For information on AnswerThon dates, check the AnswerThon official page (link below). As of today (March 4, 2013), the next AnswerThon is scheduled for March 30-31, 2013.

If you win the AnswerThon do you get supervisor?

No, If you win the AnswerThon you don't get supervisor. What you do get though is a nice badge for your biopage.

When is the next AnswerThon?

AnswerThons are generally hosted quarterly on - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. For information on an upcoming AnswerThon, check the AnswerThon official page (link below).The next AnswerThon is scheduled for Thursday, July 28, 2016 - Sunday, July 31, 2016.Details here:

When is the AnswerThon held?

AnswerThons are generally hosted quarterly on - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. For information on an upcoming AnswerThon, check the AnswerThon official page (link below).

Will it connect your WikiAnswers account to Facebook by entering the 2012 summer AnswerThon?

The 2012 Sizzlin' Summer AnswerThon did require a Facebook connected account. However, not every AnswerThon requires this Facebook connect. For more information on the AnswerThons, check the AnswerThon home page.

What are the prizes for winning the AnswerThon?

The prizes for the AnswerThon vary from contest to contest, but can include Amazon gift cards, donations to charity, and Answers merchandise. Check out the AnswerThon Home page for details!

What were the results of the October 2009 AnswerThon?

View the related links. The AnswerThon results are always told on the nostupidanswers blog.

How do you participate in the AnswerThon?

You participate in an AnswerThon by answering other people's questions on the website during the designated AnswerThon period (usually 48 hours).In order to participate, you'll need to do the following:If there is a scheduled AnswerThon (check the AnswerThon Home Page link below), sign up.During the scheduled AnswerThon (which is usually 48 hours), answer as many unanswered questions on the site as possible. The answers should be at least 2 sentences long, and should not contain any signature.Check the AnswerThon Home Page 1 week after the contest has ended to see who has won!

How do you restart the AnswerThon?

You cannot restart the AnswerThon. It only happens for two days, and then that's it. If you couldn't answer many questions, then you couldn't answer many questions. You'll have to wait until the next AnswerThon to try again.

When will registration for Spring AnswerThon Contest 2013 start?

Registration has begun! You can sign up from the AnswerThon Page (link below).

How do you claim prize for Answerthon winners?

AnswerThon prize winners are contacted via e-mail to arrange shipment of their prizes.

Can you answer this question for the Answerthon?

Yes, Any question in the wiki answers website that is not yet answered is eligible to be answered for the AnswerThon event.