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When is the most romantic time of year to propose marriage?

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It depends on the woman. Some women don't care when or where you propose to them as long as you do. Usually Valentine's Day is the most romantic time of year. Some women want the special day to remember when there is no holiday or occasion such as Graduation, her birthday, Christmas, etc. You know her best. As long as it's over a romantic dinner then you can't lose. The most romantic time of the year to propose is on Valentines Day. That's when she is going to be so surprised she's not going to expect you to do nothing like that. She probably won't expect nothing at all. So yeah that's the most romantic time of the year. As a woman, I would suggest against Valentine's Day, but that's just me. Think about what kind of girl this is. Does she love to go to the beach in the summer and hate the cold? Then don't propose to her during a snow storm! Is she from an area of the country that has beautiful fall foliage? Is Christmas her favorite holiday? You can make it even more special for her by proposing then. Think about what's important to your girlfriend, and what kinds of weather she likes. Then decide.

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How do you get married on Sim's for PC?

first you have to make sure the Sims love each other, then click on the Sim you want to marry, click on romantic, propose going steady, then do it again only this time click propose marriage. you can either call for a wedding party and then propose, or have a private wedding.

How do you propose to a girl who is your colleague?

Well... have you guys discussed marriage? if so, just ask her. Most women like to roamnce. Women dream of their man proposing to her from the time they are old enought to understand love. so be romantic. Find out what she likes.

Why can't you get married on the sims 2 castaway?

If you have it for the PS2, you can get married! What you have to do is have your relationship level at 100 . Then click on Romantic when you are socailizing. There will be 3 options.1.) Serenade2.) Romantic Hug3.) ProposeBe careful because it doesn't work most of the time

When is the most popular time of year to propose?

Valentine day

What are some creative romantic getaways to propose to my girlfriend?

No one can determine what is "romantic" for you and your girlfriend, plus where you go depends on your budget and how much time you have. This site offers suggestions in all 50 states:

What is the most romantic place to kiss for the first time?

At a restuarant, a picnic, watching a sunset...anywhere you feel is romantic.

How do you get married on The Sims freeplay?

To get married on The Sims Freeplay (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone, etc.) you must be at least level 10 (it could be a higher level, so don't worry!). It could be possible to be married to the same gender, but it is definately sure that two sims of the opposite gender can be married, of course. They can be in the stage Budding Romance or higher. You must Be Romantic over and over until one of the options says, "Propose Marriage". It will be green the first time, and if you try to click it, it tells you that the sims have to spend more time together to become married. Keep clicking Be Romantic until the option Propose Marriage is a sparkly purple. You will now be able to propose! NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LOT OF MONEY, BECAUSE IF YOU BUY A CHEAP RING, THE SIM MIGHT NOT AGREE TO GET MARRIED. Your sims will then be engaged. You will have the option Get Married and your sims will then be spouses.

How do you propose to another sim in sims PC?

On the sims 3, you need to find someone and then keep on communicating with them until you have a romantic interest and then you keep on doing things in the romantic tab, like Compliment personality, compliment apperance, friendly hug, etc... and then they starting really loving each other, and then ask the other sim to move in and then they should be able to propose steady and then propose marriage and when you are ready you can hold a private wedding or you can just throw a party normally but instead of a house party or destination party click on wedding party and then invite all your friends and then when you are ready to get married at that time of the party click on the sim you are engaged too and go into the romantic panel and click get married and then all your guests will gather round and clap and then you are officialy married.

How do you know when to marry a Christian?

Not quite sure what you are asking. Possibly you mean when is a good time to propose marriage, or maybe you mean you are not a Christian yourself, but have fallen in love with a Christian and you want to know if marriage is advisable.

What are some Leap day traditions?

Leap Year has been the traditional time that women can propose marriage. In many of today's cultures, it is okay for a woman to propose marriage to a man. It is believed this tradition was started in 5th century Ireland when St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick about women having to wait for so long for a man to propose. According to legend, St. Patrick said the yearning females could propose on this one day in February during the leap year.

What should you do if your boyfriend of two years and you talk about marriage all the time and he says he wants to marry you but has yet to propose?

maby you should ask him to marry you first.

When is propose day?

The International Propose Day is the 8th of February, during the Valentine's Week.The most traditional time though is when you feel ready and on a day that is special to the both of you.

What time do you propose?

Any time you like!

Who made the very first proposal with an engagement ring?

Marriage proposals using engagement rings were first recorded in 1215, when Pope Innocent III decreed a waiting period between a betrothal and the marriage ceremony. The first person to propose marriage using an engagement ring is not known, but the first person to propose with a diamond engagement ring is said to be Archduke Maximilian of Austria. He proposed to Mary of Burgundy in 1477, a time where diamonds were an extreme rarity.

How do you marry on Sims 3?

You get someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend by being romantic. the command propose going steady should appear when you click on the other sim if you've been romantic enough. After you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, make sure thet both sims say extremely irrisistable on what they think of each other. Then, click on your boyfriend/girlfriend and say propose marriage. If this sim accepts, they're your fiance...if not, try again. After that, you can have a private wedding wherever and whenever you want, or you can throw a party and select the wedding one. (any time during your party you can select the other sim and say get married) Hope this helped :)

What is the most romantic movie of all time?

Titanic Personal choice I know, but for me it has to be An Affair to Remember.

What is chizzy?

This means like you are old fashioned and a romantic. It is a good thing to be called most of the time.

What is an art song romantic period?

a long time of a romantic song

Why was the romantic period called the romantic period of time?

This is because of the emotive qualities of the music written at the time.

How do you propose to a girl who refuses your proposal?

You simply don't propose because it's not the right time. The right time will come don't force it.

How do you get a boy to marry you?

you have to make them like you for a certain period of time and wait for them to propose to you and if they dont then just propose to them!

How can I find the most romantic getaway spots?

The most romantic getaway spots will be somehwere outside the large cities and in a more peaceful enviornment where it gives couples to enjoy the time quietness I would reccoment Ibiza, Spain.

What is a sentence using the word romantic?

Sitting out in the sunset with your wife is a romantic time.

What is the time period of late romantic?

The Romantic Period ranged from 1825 - 1900

When is the right time to kiss?

the right time to kiss is at a romantic restaurant if he/she takes you out then they want you to kiss them especially if it is at a romantic one

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