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The next space shuttle mission is scheduelled for the 3rd feb 2011(shuttle discovery sts 133)

It was originally due for launch back in November 2010 but due to technical problems and bad weather the next launch window is now set for 3rd feb 2011.

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Q: When is the next space shuttle taking off?
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When will the next space shuttle take off?

Yesterday, it was the last one............ :''''(

When is the next take off to the moon by a space shuttle?

Never: The Shuttle has never been to the moon and never will.

How does a space shuttle contribute to space?

a space shuttle blasts off to space containing people and other organisms or devices. we discovered space through a telescope, and explored it with a space shuttle.

How is the space shuttle and the Orion are similar?

The space shuttle is big just like the Orion. And they both get send off into space

Can a space shuttle take off from a runway?

The space shuttle has to start straight up, like a rocket.

How long does it take the shuttle to reach orbit?

It takes around eight minutes for a space shuttle to reach orbit after taking off. Its average speed upon take of is 17,500 mph.

What was the name of the first space shuttle to fly in space?

The first Space Shuttle, named Columbia, took off into space on April 12, 1981.

What year did space shuttle Challenger explode on lift-off?

Space Shuttle Challenger exploded on January 28, 1986.

How did Armstrong get off the moon?

Using a space shuttle.

What did the space shuttle Challenger do?

It exploded on lift-off.

Were did the first space shuttle take off?


How does a space shuttle lift off the ground so easily?

it dosent, its very hard to get a space shuttle off the ground it uses thaousands of pounds of force to lift it.