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It won't. Some people say that, but it's not gonna happen.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-09 20:11:51
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Q: When is the world ganna end?
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Is the world ganna to end in 2009?

NO it will not end this year !!! :( :(

Is the world ganna end in 2012?

It's a 50 50 chance.

Why do they say the Earth is ganna end because of the myans calendar?

Perhaps because the world is going to end

Is it true that the worlds ganna end?


What exactly is going to happen when the sun lines up with the middle of the galaxy?

it will ganna be the end of the world

When is the world ganna end is it soon?

its not certain when but the main reason is the sun ding and that is a long way from now

Is the world ganna end in 2020?

The World has been predicted to end in 2000,2012 2010 any many other, all are not likely to happen 2020 may not happen either.

When do people believe the end of the world and why?

they did when god made them out of the dirt to make knowledge in your brain because people can know some gods from the future know when the world is ganna end but no living substance will know.

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What is ganna happen if the world is ganna end in 2012?

look first of all it isn't going to end because some people just want to cause peril and second they said the same exact thing for 2000 and what happened........... nothing so do you really want to let some stupid thing like this ruin your life.

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No one really knows. Thats what they said in 1996,that the wold was gonna end in the 2000. It didnt. Anyways lets enjoy life while where at it. Only god knows and decides when its ending.

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Is the world ganna end today at 11 00?

Because the question could apply to a day which might have already been and gone, the answer would have to be no. Will it end any time soon, well that's anybodies guess. Many have tried to predict the end of the world and have been proven wrong every time. For now, enjoy life to the full.

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