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When is water a mineral?

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Water as a solid, in the form of ice, is considered a mineral when it is naturally occurring. Ice in snow banks is considered a mineral but ice cubes you make in your freezer are not a mineral.

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Why water is not a mineral?

Water is a mineral.

Why is water a mineral?

Water is not a mineral but water does form minerals.

Can a mineral be liquid?

No. A mineral must be solid to be a mineral. For example, liquid water is not a mineral. Frozen water, or ice, is a mineral.

Is sea water a mineral?

no , sea water is not a mineral .

How mineral water does differ from distilled water?

Mineral water is high in mineral content Distilled water is very low in mineral content as a result of being distiled.

Why is there no formula for mineral water?

There is no formula for mineral water because it has too many chemicals inside it. Mineral water is not a compound, it is a mixture.

Is bottled mineral water pure?

no, mineral water is not the same thing as pure water

Is ocean water a mineral?

Ocean water is not a mineral because it is not a solid.

When a mineral dissolves in water this is called .?

When a mineral dissolves in water this is called .?

Is a mineral water different from water?

The mineral water contain many impurities compared to pure water.

Is masafi really a mineral water or just purified?

Masafi Mineral Water is a manufacturer of pure mineral water in United Arab Emirates

Is water a mineral right?

I am completely amazed. I was sure that water was NOT a mineral. But water is listed as a mineral in my dictionary definition. Of course, this isn't a science text, but at this point I'm willing to entertain the possibility that water is... a mineral.

Is distilled water softer or harder then tap and mineral water?

mineral is the hardest because hard water equal high mineral contenttherefore distilled water is soft then mineral and more softer in tap

Is mineral water pure or impure?

Impure,cos mineral water is not am ordinary water but they are chemicals

What is the different distilled water and mineral water?

Distilled water is a pure water, mineral water contain many impurities.

Is snow a mineral why or why not?

It is a mineral because have you ever heard of mineral water?

Mineral water what is the difference between ordinary bottle water and mineral water?

plan water isn't good.

What is the pH of sparkling natural mineral water?

The pH of mineral water is 6.2

Where can you get packed mineral water in India?

in India you can't get packed mineral water

Is mineral water an element a compound?

Mineral water contains other elements or compounds too. They contain elements and compounds like Sodium, magnesium,macro nutrients,calcium and other minerals. So mineral water is a mixture of compounds.

Is mineral water a solution or a colloid?

Most mineral water is a solution, but if thee water contains sufficient solid particles to scatter light, the mineral water may be a colloid.

Is it bad to boil mineral water?

No, it is not considered bad to boil mineral water. All boiling does is sterilize water, it has not shown to be harmful or to decrease the mineral effects.

Why is water not considered a mineral?

Liquid water is not considered a mineral because it is not a solid. But solid water--ice, is considered a mineral because it is a solid with a crystal form.

What are the minerals in mineral water?

halite is one mineral in mineral water. Halite is used as table salt. It forms when water evaporates and leaves behind the salt.

Difference between bottled spring water and bottled mineral water?

Mineral water has minerals in it but spring water dosent.