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Q: When it was developed during the Jackson administration the patronage system was designed for?
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What is the swapping of polical support for a government job?

Patronage; Practice started by Andrew Jackson's administration on a wide scale.

What was the patronage system designed to do during the Jackson administration?

giving many a great opportunity to grow in the federal governmentgiving a few some opportunities to grow in the federal governmentgiving appointed positions as rewards to incumbent party members during an election yeargiving some appointed positions to his friends and family members

What was term give for Jackson's policy of rewarding his supporters with government jobs?


The practice by Jackson and others of rewarding political supporters with jobs was called?


What conflicts troubled the Andrew Jackson administration?

Andrew Jackson

What is the term used to describe how Andrew Jackson appointed all his supporters?

The term commonly used to describe how Andrew Jackson appointed his supporters is "spoils system" or "patronage." This system involved rewarding political allies and loyalists with government positions and public offices, regardless of their qualifications or merit, in order to consolidate political power and maintain loyalty within his administration.

Who designed the MCG?

Michael jackson

What was the policy of the Jackson administration toward the eastern Indian tribes?

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The spoils system during Jackson's administration?

was broadly applied

The age of Jackson Vocabulary terms and people?

An expansion of voting rights during the popular Andrew Jackson administration

Did Andrew Jackson influence James k Polk?

Other way around. Jackson came first, and James K. Polk dedicated his administration to finishing the work that Andrew Jackson had started.

Is it true that Jackson believed that he had the right to replace federal workers with people who had supported him?

Yes, he tried to democratize federal offices and state machines were being built on patronage. Jackson believed that offices should rotate among deserving applicants. As political fractions developed two political parties grew out of the old Republican Party. It became the Democratic Republican or Democratic that adhered to Jackson and the opposition party the National Republicans or Whigs. The Whigs declared themselves as defenders of popular liberties against Jackson. Jackson was called " King Andrew 1."