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Michael Jackson!!!!!=)

Michael Jackson!!!!!=)

Michael Jackson!!!!!=)

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Michael Jackson

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Q: Who is the official performer at the swearing in of the president?
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What is the swearing of the president?


Who was the president from PA that was arrested for swearing?

James Buchanan is the only President from PA, but I have never heard that he was arrested for swearing or anything else.

What is the official term for the ceremony that swears the President into office?

It is called the "swearing-in ceremony" and it occurs during the president's "inauguration." Many years ago, presidents were inaugurated in early March, but these days, the event occurs on January 20.

When is the swearing in of the President Elect Obama?

On January 20th

What was the original day for swearing in of the president?

unknown!!! unknown!!!

What was the first swearing of the president in New York called?


What is the difference between an invitation to the inauguration and an invitation to the swearing-in of the President?

An invitation to the inauguration refers to the formal ceremony where a newly elected president takes office. It typically includes various events and activities that mark the beginning of their term. On the other hand, an invitation to the swearing-in of the president specifically refers to the official moment when the president takes the oath of office and assumes their role as the head of state.

Why does the president have to use a bible to take oath?

He's swearing to god that he will do his best as president.

Who was theFirst president swearing in recorded in motion picture?

I wonder who?!?!

Do you need tickets to see the president's swearing in?

no, you can stand out in the open

Is it important to have the old president present during the swearing in?


How do you write letters to future president?

You cannot (ethically) do this because the future president has yet been elected into office. Even once that has happened, the official swearing in as president does not occur until January 2009, so whomever is elected in November doesn't become our nations president until late January 2009.