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Usually most parents are sure their house and property taxes are paid every year and if so, there is no reason to worry. Say the land had an assessed value of $250,000 and you sold it for $400,000. Then you would be charged Capital Gains Tax on the profit of $150,000. If you sold it for the exact amount $250,000 you wouldn't have to pay Capital Gains Tax. That's the only tax you would have to worry about it and you could easily pay it off by the profit you made. If your parents had back-taxes (highly doubtful) then you would have to find out from the IRS what they owed and pay those taxes. If the children want to keep the house on property, then they can get a loan to pay off the taxes, or, they can sell the house/property and hopefully make a profit after they pay off the back taxes. Marcy * The land will be taxed at the fair market value at the time of the person's death. Be advised that in most states land transfers through wills are often subjected to significant probate costs.

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Q: When land is deeded to children what are taxes when land is sold upon parents death?
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