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because when theyb get hungry they eat insects

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Do moles eat lizards?

no. but mole lizards eat lizards.

What do penny lizards eat?

they eat little insects and some lizards eat little lizards

Can hamsters eat lizards?

No. but lizards can eat hampsters!

Do owls eat lizards?

Do owls eat lizards?

What do jesus lizards eat?

They eat smaller lizards

What do the pine lizards eat?

what do pine lizards eat

Do lizards eat catus?

No, lizards do not eat cactus.

Do sales eat lizards?

No, sales do not eat lizards.

Do lizards eat cactus?

No .No, lizards do not eat cactus.

Can lizards eat vegitables?

yes lizards can eat vegatables as a matter of fact lizards love to eat vegatables!

Do horned lizards eat?

horned lizards eat ants

Do lizards eat grass?

No, they do not. Lizards eat meat and insects.

Do Lizards eat bamboo?

Generally lizards eat insects.

What do green backyard lizards eat?

lizards eat mealworms, crikets, and grasshoppers.some times the will eat other lizards,and veggies.

Do horned lizards eat their young?

Nope - horned lizards eat insects - not other lizards.

What do lizards eat the most?

Most species of lizards eat crickets but the lizards I find like to eat maggots and grubs as well.

What do backyeard lizards eat?

backyard lizards eat cricets and grasshoppers

Can small legless lizards eat worms?

no lizards will not eat worms

What eat lizards?

one oof the aniamls that eat lizards are snakes

What type of food do lizards eat?

Lizards eat mealworms and crickets.

What do forest lizards eat?

hi ,lizards eat flys and leaves

What do Draco lizards eat?

Draco Lizards eat leaves and plants.

Do raccoons eat lizards?

Yes, raccoons will eat lizards if they can capture them.

What do King lizards eat?

Sometime Lizards eat Insect Mosquito

What can tiny lizards eat?

Tiny lizards can eat tiny insects .