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pour black powder into the cylinder 1/2 wat. plave round ball on top of cylinder and press down. After this is down on all six chambers spread grease, lard or similar lube over each round ball. then shoot. the lube prevents multiple firing of other chanbers and lubes the barrel when shooting

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How pistol works?

A pistol by loading ammunition into the chamber. The firing the pin then strikes the cartridge, which causes the pistol to discharge.

What is a percussion pistol?

A muzzle loading pistol using a cap to ignite the powder charge

What is a 380 DA pistol?

A double action pistol that chambers a .380 ACP round. AKA 9mm Kurz

Why is a pistol referred to as a muhasker?

sorry- have never heard that term, not heard it applied to a pistol. Are you sure you did not mishear the word?

How many bullets can you shoot in a minute pistol?

Depends entirely on the pistol. I have a single shot muzzle loading pistol that 2 shots a minute would be good. A fully automatic machine pistol can fire more than 100 rounds per minute. You need to specify WHICH pistol, as there is no one answer.

Can you have a black powder muzzle loading pistol shipped to your home in NC from cabelas?

Check with your local police.

What was the name of the first handgun ever made?

The first auto-loading handgun ever made was the Laumann pistol.

Cylinder pin for 1858 muzzle loading pistol?

Will probably have to be made. a good gunsmith or machinist should be able to do it.

What kind of gun did Abraham get killed with?

Abraham Lincoln was killed with a single shot muzzle loading Deringer pistol.

What lubricant's are authorized for use on the M9 pistol when the temperature is 10 F and above?

break free seems to be the lubricant used by the military

What is the difference between pistal and revolver?

The difference is that a pistol has a magazine and a revolver has a rotating cylinder that has individual chambers to shoot

How do you unjam a pellet pistol?

You will need a .177 caliber cleaning rod to push the pellet back into the loading breech from the barrel.

What is an automatic pistol?

Properly, a semi-auto or self loading pistol. It is a handgun, that when fired, extracts and ejects the fired cartridge, loads a fresh cartridge and recocks itself for firing, no action taken by the shooter.

When did smith and Wesson make their single shot pistol with the swing out loading block?

They didn't. The barrel swung out to the side. 1926-35

When did Samuel Colt invent the Pistol?

He applied for the patent in 1835 and received it on 25 February 1836

How do you get a daisy 15xt bb air pistol unjammedk i have pellet stuck in chamber?

The 15XT is a BB pistol, like the name says. It is not a Pellet pistol. If you can't force is back into the BB holding slide then you might as well buy a new pistol. You will need a .177 caliber cleaning rod and use it to push the pellet back into the BB loading port

How do you tell the difference between a 1st and 2nd issue 22 Police Positive Target Pistol?

Made from 1907-1940 Early ones do not have counterbored chambers. Later models had countersunk chambers in .22 starting around 1932.

What is the most probable cause of a failure to fire when firing a m9 pistol?

1. safety ON. 2. Failed to chamber a cartridge when loading (magazine not fully seated)

How much is my Hi-Standard 22 caliber auto loading pistol worth?

Depends on model (and there are DOZENS of models of High Standard pistols) and the condition.

How do you reload the marksman repeater 177 cal pellet pistol?

Step 1 Cock the pistol by pulling out the rear slide section (at the back end of the gun, above the handle) two inches until you hear a click. Then, push it back in to its original position and it should click again, indicating it has locked in place.Step 2 Turn on the gun's safety by pushing the safety button from the left of the handle to the right to immobilize the trigger.Step 3 Push the loading button below the barrel to open the barrel section, where two separate loading chambers are located. The square loading chamber is for loading BB's only, while the lower circular loading chamber is for pellets, darts and bolts. To load BB's, follow the directions in step 4; to load pellets, follow the directions in step 5, and to load darts or bolts, follow the directions in step 6.Step 4 To load BB's, insert up to 18 BB's at once into the square loading chamber. Push the barrel loading section down and cock the gun to load a BB into the barrel from the magazine in which it is held.Step 5 To load pellets, darts or bolts, insert only one pellet, dart or bolt into the lower circular loading chamber. Ensure that the ammunition is completely inside the loading chamber for proper firing. Push the barrel loading section down and cock the gun.

What is a semi-auto airsoft pistol?

A semi-automatic airsoft pistol is a pistol which automatically re-chambers a bb, and can be fired again simply by pulling the trigger. They are usually in the form of electric pistols, (usually around 250 fps.) or Co2 and green gas pistols (Average around 350-450 fps.)

What does GAP stand for in Glock model 37 45 GAP?

GAP = Glock Automatic Pistol It is a shorter .45 caliber cartridge and loading created by the Glock corporation.

Can any pistol chambered for 357mag shoot the 38sp bullet?

Only revolvers, which use cylinders, rather than chambers. Any .357 Magnum rifle or semi-auto pistol won't be able to, as you won't get proper headspacing in the chamber with the .38 Special.

What type of guns are muzzle loading?

Any gun that is loaded from the front (that is the muzzle). The firearms used during the American Revolution were mainly muzzleloaders, during the Civil War, they began to change to breech loading firearms. Type can include cannon, muskets, rifles, pistol and revolvers.

How do you fire 1937 Germรกn ruger pistol?

First, the Ruger is not a German pistol, the Luger is. The weapon has a removable magazine- fill it with cartridges, place in the space in the butt of the pistol. Pull the toggle mechaism UP, which will draw the bolt to the rear. Release the toggle- bolt should go forward, loading a cartridge. Release the safety, aim, press trigger to fire.