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Congress convenes on January 3rd.

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Q: When must the new congress of a new president meet?
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What happens if the vice president of the US dies?

The President appoints a new Vice President, who must be approved by Congress.

Can the president of the US pick a new vice president if he became the president upon the death of a president?

yes= that is what he would do. His choice must be confirmed by Congress.

Must the President present the jobs plan to congress first?

Any jobs plan than requires new funding must be approved by Congress before it can be implemented.

How would a new vice president be selected if the vice president succeeded to presidency?

Congress would have to pick a new vice president as they did when Nixon resigned and Gerald Ford took over as president. Nelson Rockefeller was picked to be vice president.

What statement most accurately describes the roles of the president and Congress in creating new federal laws?

congress has the power to propose laws, but the president must approve them in most cases.

When does the new congress meet?

January 3

Who appoints a vice president when the office is vacant?

The President nominates a new Vice President, but at least half of each House of Congress must approve the nomination.

What does the president do if the Vice President dies?

The President will nominate a new Vice President, who must be confirmed by both houses of the Congress in accordance with the 25th Amendment. (see related link)

Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of vice president who appoints a new one?

In the event, the president picks a new vice president who then must be approved by both houses of Congress before he can take office.

Does the secratary take over when vice president dies?

No, the President nominates a new Vice President. The nomination must be approved by a majority vote in both Houses of Congress.

Who fills the Vice President's spot if the Vice President leaves office 45k?

A new Vice President is nominated by the President and must be approved by a majority vote of both houses of Congress.

Is it true or false if the office of vice president becomes vacant congress appoints a new one?

It is not quite true because when the office of Vice-President becomes vacant, the President chooses a new Vice-President who then must be approved by both houses of Congress before he can take office. ( 25th amendment.)

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