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check your time and fuel injecters

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What are symptoms of bad distributor cap?

The distributor cap is important to the performance of the car's engine. Some symptoms of a bad distributor cap are stalling, backfiring, shaking, and a high pitched squealing noise.

Do my cv boots need to replaced my car shakes?

My 97 RL was shaking badly too despite new tires & l just had both cv axles replaced and the shaking ended.

What is wrong when a car is shaking from the engine?

it could be your engine mounts are needing replaced

Cause why 05 Nissan quest is shaking during a freeway mile of 65 mph?

You either have an alignment problem or your tires need to be rebalanced.

My 98 camaro is shaking you replaced the plusand wires but the problem contines and the check engine light is on what could be the problem?

bat motor mounts cause the shaking a knock sensor realizing its shaking is the light get new mounts

How do you know if your distributor cap is bad?

A distributor cap on a vehicle might be bad if the car is shaking more than normal. Other signs include stalling after the car has been running, squealing and rpm's running high.

1998 ford e150 replaced rotors due to shaking it's back to shaking again what do you do?

Are you sure the rotors are responsible? Check for tires out of round, or poor wheel balancing. Also check thrust angle on wheel alignment. Any of these can also cause shaking.

How do you stop 2007 jeep patroit hood from shaking at freeway speeds?

There are 2 rubber hood stoppers on the corners of the front of you jeep just back these out alittle at a time until your hood is firmed up

Jeep is shaking when hitting on brakes?

Sounds like the rotors are warped from getting too hot. Time to have to old one turned or replaced.

What is shaking?

Bacon is shaking (:

Is shaking a verb?

Shaking can be a verb as part of a continuous structure (They are shaking hands) or it can be a gerund which is rather a noun (Shaking hands is not customary in Japan.)

Why the brake shaking even thought you have replaced new rotor and brake pads?

Have you had a front-end alignment? When you remove parts from the front end, you need to have this done.

What is a good sentence using shaking?

I was so nervous at the recital that my legs were shaking. After shaking a can of soda and then opening it, you create a big mess. Shaking a baby is bad for it.

When is shaking hands proper?

Shaking hands is proper when you are meeting a person Through shaking hands you introduce yourself.

Is shaking either a verb adjective noun or adverb?

Shaking is a Verb. Example: I am shaking the salt out of the salt shaker.

Walkthrough for the club penguin shaking tumor?

what is shaking tumor?!?!?!?!!?!

What is shaking baby syndrome?

It is not shaking baby it is shaken baby.

Can you get trichomoniasis from shaking hands?

You can't get trichomoniasis from shaking hands.

How would a first pet spend its day?

laying in a corner shaking laying in a corner shaking laying in a corner shaking

What is seismic shaking-?

"Seismic" refers to an earthquake, so seismic shaking is the shaking motion of the earth (and things on it) caused by an earthquake.

What's wrong '98 Grand Voyager has tremendous shaking of engine front end at 45 mph recent replacement of serpentine belt front end wheels ok shaking started soon dealer replaced serpentine belt?

My voyager started wobbling/shaking when accelerating at around 35 - 45 mph. It was the cv joints. It only does it under acceleration. It was a wobble from side to side.

What causes shaking of the crust of the earth?

A shaking of the crust of the Earth could symbolize an Earthquake. This shaking of the crust can be measured with special machines.

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