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Your question is a bit confusing. If you have missed a period, then you could be pregnant. Perform a pregnancy test :-)

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Q: When my period was on March 28th then the period was missing after 28th could you be pregnant or late period?
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Reasons for missing a period?

You could be pregnant. Or your body could just be changing causing your period to be missed.

Missing period not pregnant what else could it be?

Perhaps it is an ovarian cyst? A little stress?

What could be the cause of missing your period 2 months and you are not pregnant?

It could be anything from a minor irregular period to serious health problems. I am leaning more towards the irregular period.

Could I be pregnant if I have not had my period for about 3 months and pinkish spotting because I have had problems with missing my period before because of polycystic ovaries?

Yes, you could still be pregnant, consult your doctor for a routine examination.

Month late could you be pregnant?

Well, missing your period should be your first clue. So it is quite possible.

Could you be pregnant if you missed you period?

Pregnancy would certainly cause you to miss your period. But that's not the only possible reason for missing one period. To find out if you're pregnant, you need a real pregnancy test.

Can you be pregnant if you're 26 days late on your period?

26 days is not "late", it's "missing entirely." Yes, you could be.

Could you be pregnant when did have a period?


Could you get pregnant if you have not gotten your period for 2 months?

could you get pregnant if you have not gotten your period for 2 months?

Could you be pregnant if your period was light and short for the first time?

could you be pregnant if you period was short and light

Can you get pregnant at the beginning of your period but he uses a condom?

No. You can't get pregnant if your on your period! You could only get pregnant the week after your pregnant!

I'm 9 days late for my period Could I be pregnant?

Yes, you could be. I suggest that you take a pregnancy test. If it is negative and your next period is unusual/late/missing go and see the doctor or gynaecologist.

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