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Your game bonus isn't random. It revolves around your level and also your kill to death spread, also how many kills, how many objectives completed and how many points you ave overall.

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How do you earn specialist bonus in tdm mw3?

To get a specialist bonus on tdm you need to get 8 kills or 7 with hardline!

Is there a way to get a higher match bonus in mw2?

first you need to win. get match bonuses by: kills game points eg. team deatchmatch you get points for the kills challenges

How much kills does it take to get holy exlir from tormented wraith in runescape?

its a tottally random drop

How do you get bonus kills in When the plague came?

If you look at the "Achievements" page, and then click on each weapon, it shows the bonus kills. Machine gun - simple zombies Shotgun - air monsters (butterflies) Saw gun - surprise zombies Grenade launcher - none Freezer - heat zombies Acid gun - Men slaughters (bug, see below) Bolt gun (electricity) - crawlers (not snake) Dragon's breath (fire gun) - Boomers and Pest Spawners (bug, see below) I think acid gun and Dragon's breath (fire gun) have a bug where you don't actually get bonus for the listed zombies. I haven't figured out how to actually get all the bonus kills with these guns.

How do you get cool kills in fable 3?

If you mean finishing moves, they happen at random when you are at a high enough level on a particular talent (Skill, Will, Strength)

Is spice THC?

No. Spice is a mixture of random dangerous chemicals. Spice kills allot of people, THC has never killed anyone in history.

In runescape on average in the God Wars Dungeon how many kills until you will get a part of a god sword?

Average drop rates I'd say 1/32, even then that doesn't mean that they will drop something like an Arma hilt every 32 kills, it is completely random, it could even be after 79 kills until you get or you can be lucky as to get one in 5 kills or less.

How do you unlock all titles and emblems on modern warfare 3?

you unlock it by doing multiplayer it just matters how much kills, or falling, and random things you do

Is a hippopotamus dangerous?

yes! it kills around eight people a day.

What kills the flu virus?

nothing we know of its goes around yearly

What makes penicillin beneficial?

penicillin kills all the bacteria around it

What are the killstreaks for black ops?

The killstreaks are: 3 kills = Spy Plane which shows enemies on the minimap and is destructible. 3 kills = RC-XD which is a remote control car that explodes on impact. 4 kills = Counter-spy plane which disables other players minimaps and is destructible. 4 kills = SAM Turret which is a turret that destroys aircraft. 5 kills = Care Package, an airdrop that drops a random killstreak. 5 kills = Napalm Strike which drops a napalm bomb in an area and sets it on fire for a period of time. 6 kills = Sentry gun, a placeable automatic sentry gun. 6 kills = Mortar team, choose 3 spots to bomb with a mortar team. 7 kills = Attack Helicopter, calls in a Cobra that flys around the map and can be shot down. 7 kills = Valkyrie Rockets, which are 2 guidable missiles that can be shot from any location on a map. 8 kills = Blackbird, calls in a blackbird chopper that shows enemies on map and where they are going and can not be shot down. 8 kills = Rolling Thunder, which is a carpet bomber. 9 kills = Chopper Gunner, where you can control a minigun in the side of a chopper. 11 kills = Attack Dogs, calls in vicious attack dogs. 11 kills = Gunship, you can fly a Hind helicopter around the map and shoot people on the ground. No killstreaks count towards higher killstreaks, so no more using an airstrike to get something higher then going higher again.

What do hidden enemies look like in Spyro Dawn Of the Dragon?

Their sort of tall, with armour that is the same colour as one of your elements.If you use the element that is the same colour as the armour, it kills the enemy quicker.Also, they carry huge battle axes around and hide in random places.

How does a python kill it?

A python kills by wrapping around its prey and squeezing it to death

Who has the most confirmed kills?

The Soviet Sniper Mikhail Surkov has the most confirmed kills with an astonishing 702, while Simo Hayha comes in second with a confirmed 505 and Ivan Sidorenko comes in third with around 500 kills

What kills lizards around the house?

People do, cruel people and vicious unknowing cats

How does smoking affect people around us?

It kills them with what we call "Second Hand Smoke"

Who does gale marry?

Nobody, Katniss can't stand to be around him after he kills her sister, Primrose.

How do you get a spot bonus in battlefield 3?

You get spot bonuses when u spot an enemy and someone in ur squad kills him. To spot enemies, simply hit the "spot" button, look this up on ign, it has the controls

Most kills in star wars battlefront 2?

My personal best is 1498 kills to around 50 deaths. I'm serious! Go to Death Star 1 flag CTF. It can be done!Brandon337; so, I have over 30,000 kills in career.

What will the kill streaks be on mw3?

Source: Assault Killstreaks 4 Kills = Care Package 5 Kills = IMS 3 or 4 placeable mines that cannot be affected by stun or flash gernades 5 Kills = Predator Missile 5 Kills = Sentry Gun 6 Kills = Precision Airstrike 7 Kills = Attack Helicopter 7 Kills = Little Bird Flock (Mini Choppers Patrol The Map) 9 Kills = Little Bird Gaurd (Big Helicopter follows you around the map and protects you) 9 Kills = Mortar Team (5 Predator Missiles go off at the same time) 10 Kills = Talcon (Mini Robot Tank) 12 Kills = AC130 12 Kills = Pavelow 15 Kills = Juggernaught Suit Support Killstreaks 4 Kills = UAV 5 Kills = Counter UAV 5 Kills = Ballistic Duffel - Drop Juggernaught perk for the whole team, not jugg suit 5 Kills = Airdrop Trap - Drops a hacked care package 8 Kills = Sam Turret 10 Kills = Remote UAV - Target enemies with missiles 12 Kills = Advanced UAV - Blackbird 12 Kills = Remote Turret - Sentry Gun that you can control 12 Kills = Stealth Bomber 18 Kills = EMP 18 Kills = Juggernaught Recon Armour - Care Package Drop Armour 18 Kills = Escort Airdrop - Drops 5 care packages, one will be hacked Type your answer here...

What kill steak can get for csll of duty modern warfare?

3 Kills UAV 4 Kills Care Package 4 Kills Counter UAV 5 Kills Sentry Gun 5 Kills Predator Missile 6 Kills Presicion Airstrike 7 Kills Harrier Strike 7 Kills Attack Heli 8 Kills Emergency Airdrop 9 Kills Pave Low 9 Kills Stealth Bomber 11 Kills Chopper Gunner 11 Kills AC-130 15 Kills EMP 25 Kills Tactical Nuke

What pests do pesticides kill?

This would all depend on the type of pesticide that you are using and what it is labeled for; Acaricide kills mites, Algicide kills algae, Avicide kills birds, Bactericide kills bacteria, Fungicide kills fungi,Herbicides kills weeds, Insecticides kills insects, Lapricide kills lamprey, Miticide likks mites, Molluscicide kills snails and slugs, Nematicide kills nematodoes, Piscicide kills fish, Rodenticides kills rats and mice.

What is the difference between a rattlesnake and a boa consrictor?

rattle snake kills its prey with poison but boa on the other hand is not poisons & kills its prey by rolling around it,blocking its respiratery track....

What happens in naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 end?

well there are actually two endings there is when naruto "kills" pain and there is a bonus mission where sasuke goes to caputre killer bee aka the 8 tails