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Such color change is normal, but may be more noticeable when pregnant. It tends to be darker in the morning, because you likely didn't drink much through the night. The urine is more concentrated. Throughout the day, you begin taking in fluids, and the urine dilutes.

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Q: When pregnant is pee dark in the morning and light through out the day?
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You are pregnant

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The urine is always dark in the morning since you haven't peed for a long time due to sleep. Can also be dark if you don't drink enough. Don't go by the color of the urine, that wont help you at all. If you think you are pregnant you can take a test 10 days after the unprotected sex, not before since it might not be accurate. If it was within 3 days you can still get the Morning after pill. If you are pregnant you have several choices what to do and should speak to ppl in a clinic who can present all the options to you. I suggest Planned Parenthood since they are all over the country and very good. See related link below.

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