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The official record will state the town of the hospital he was born in. However, most people will reference the town their parents were living in at the time, if it is different form the town the hospital was in.

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Q: When recording birth place on a family tree is it the town the person lives in or the town of the hospital where he was born?
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Who can legally file birth certificates for newborns?

the person in attendance if not at a hospital. The mother can not file a birth certificate. A witness must. If at the hospital, then the hospital files the birth certificateRead more: Who_may_legally_file_birth_certificates_for_newborns

How can you find get my birth certificate at bellevue hospital?

A person will not be able to get the birth certificate from Bellevue hospital. They will need to visit the health department in that area to order a birth certificate. Hospitals do not carry them.

What is a hospital birth?

It is just what it sounds like ... a birth that takes place in a hospital.

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How do you register a birth?

Either give birth in a hospital or if you did a home birth, go to the hospital. You have to take the child to the hospital anyway so he/she can receive nessecary care.

How do you find out what hospital you were born in?

A person can find out what hospital they were born in by purchasing a long form birth certificate. These can be purchased at health departments and vital statistics departments.

How can you locate a person knowing only her birth name and two of her married names?

eighther go to the hospital nearest to you and ask for birth certificate or phone book

What is the easiest way to do a birth records search?

The easiest way to find a birth record or birth records is to find the birth certificate or to find a health department that has the information, usually the hospital that one was born in, of the person.

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Birth date and birth place.Early life, education and familyWhy that person is notableAwards or honors that person has wonIf the person has died, include how, why, and when they died.

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What hospital was zac efron born in?

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Joe Biden's Hospital of birth?

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Who issues your babys first birth certificate?

The hospital of their birth.

How long did the Gosselin twins stay in the hospital after birth?

The Gosselin's twin daughters stayed in the hospital 6 weeks after birth!

What is the best hospital in los angeles to give birth?

I would say the best hospital to give birth too is ucla

Do you put the hospital name on the birth certificate?

Yes, you write someone's name was born on the birth date in the hospital name

What are the advantages of artificial family planning methods?

Artificial Family planning methods, is a form of birth control that is not 'natural'. The advantages are that the person with the birth control is more aware of their chances of getting pregnant.

Is it against Christianity to have birth at a hospital?

There is nothing said about giving birth at a hospital that is against Christianity. Millions of women give birth in hospitals every year that follow Christianity.

What is the difference between surname family name and surname at birth earlier family name?

When a child is born, a birth certificate is created for the child. On the birth certificate the child's name must be entered and this is the NAME AT BIRTH or SURNAME AT BIRTH. It consists of a given name and a family name. The family name in most cases comes from the father but if the father is unknown or the parents are not married at the time of child's birth, the child may get the mother's family name. So the child gets the name of some family (father's or mother's) but since it happens at birth it is called the NAME AT BIRTH. No need to mention that such name can be one only and it is recorded for the rest of child's life. Then later on in life a person may change his/her name (called SURNAME or FAMILY NAME) for different reasons and a number of times. If the woman gets married she usually changes her name for the one of her husband. Then she has the husband's surname or family name and this name will be different from her SURNAME AT BIRTH. A man may also change his surname or family name because he does not like the spelling or for any other reason and then his surname or family name will be different from his SURNAME AT BIRTH. When filling out any application there is a field asking for SURNAME/FAMILY NAME (any application for naturalisation of English speaking countries). A person must write down his/her name that they have at that time. This is their FAMILY NAME then. But below there is a field asking for SURNAME AT BIRTH so there is no doubt who is the appilicant. There can be only one unique name at birth for this person and it cannot be confused with the many family names he/she may have during their long lives. So again, a person may have a couple of different family names within the span of life but only one name or surname at birth.

How can you get your original birth certificate from Los Angeles California?

Birth certificates are issued by the state, not the city. You might want to start with your hospital record of birth and request help from a caseworker at that hospital.

What are the differences between biological birth order and psychological birth order?

Biological birth is more connected to the natural process of physically bring forth life, and to what order the person was born into that family unit. For example 4th child born to a family of 5 children. Psychological birth order is related more the phenomena of mental and emotional life, and how long has the person had the disease.

Where do you get your birth certificate in Hawaii?

The hospital you were born at.

Where was Andy Warhol place of birth?

a hospital