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Most commonly -San is used, or -Chan for someone who is close, but never use -Kun as it is only used for males ;P

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Q: When referring to a female in Japanese what word is used after the name?
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Is there a Japanese female name meaning butterfly?

In Japanese buttefly is 'Chou', or 'Choucho' Choucho is commonly used among children or female when they talk about butterfly. Cho and Choucho are not so popular name among Japanese female... but can be artist's nickname or restaurants' name etc. 'Ageha' means swallowtail butterfly, and can be used as female name. Butterfly sometimes implies something flirty or a bit sexual, so it has mysterious feelings. Woman who works at night sometimes uses it as their nickname.

Is the character Samui a boy or girl's name?

Samui is a gender-neutral name in Japanese and can be used for both boys and girls.

What does jasmine mean in japanese?

jasmine isn't a Japanese word, so in Japanese, it is written in katakana, which are symbols that try to mimic English and other foreign languages. jasmine written in katakana is ジャスミン. It would most likely be used when referring to the rice, the name or the flower.

What does shuro mean in Japanese?

The meaning of the name is `Fourth` The name Shiro is mainly used In Japanese.

What is meaning of name Marissa?

Marissa or Marisa is a female name typically used in western civilization. It is a variation of Maris, which is Latin for 'of the sea'. Marissa also means "little Mary" referring to the Virgin Mary!

What name is used for a female cat?

Any female name will do ... Lucy works.

How do you spell daddy in Japanese?

"Chichi/Chichisan" is for your own father, "otoosan" is used when referring to others' fathers.

Is Leslie a female or male name?

It's a unisex name. It used to be more commonly used as a male name, but now it's more commonly used as a female name.

Is Carly name female or male?

Carly can be considered a male name but is mostly used as a female name.

What does the term 'gioia' mean?

The term 'gioia' can have several meanings. Typically, the term 'gioia' is referring to the idea of happiness or feeling great. 'Gioia' is usually used as a human female's name.

Can the Japanese word 'Kakkoii' be used as a name for a boy?

Usually translated as 'cool,' this is not a standard Japanese given name.

Is Vivien a name of female or male?

its unisex, but more commonly used as a female name