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Probably not. The 94' models were more box shaped and newer models are rounder.

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When replacing the front end on a 1997 Saturn SL1 will parts from a 2002 Saturn SC2 interchange?

If you strip the entire front end off, the units should be swappable. The only thing that Im not sure of is how the fenders will line up with the A-piller, and your door. I also seem to recall something about the height of the radiator mount in the subframe, I think the mount sits lower in the SC2's then the older SL1's. this may cause a problem with the hood latch if the upper radiator supports are different.

What is a sentence with the word interchange?

Parts from a Chevy truck will not interchange with a Ford trucks parts.

Are 1977 and 1979 trans am parts interchangable front end and rear tail lights?

The front fascias will interchange. The rear ends won't.

Will a front bumper off a 1988 Camaro fit on a 1992 Camaro?

yes it will camaro parts from 82-92 will interchange

Free auto parts interchange?

part interchange? i have a 1994 Honda Civic del Sol SI 1.6L MFI SOHC 4cyl looking for a left front lower control arm

Do parts from a 97 Dodge Ram interchange with a 2001 Dodge Ram?

a lot of them will interchange, depends on wht parts you are talking about though

What other Chevy parts will interchange with 1963 corvair?

more than likely any corvair of that body style the parts will interchange.

Will parts off 1985 mustang interchange with 1989 gt mustang?

Will parts off 1985 mustang interchange with 1989 gt mustang?

What parts off a 1993 Geo Metro will interchange with a 1995 Geo Metro?

No exterior parts will interchange because of a difference in generation that began in 95, very few interior parts may but not many. Mechanically quite a few parts will work together. The engine, transmission, axel parts, exhaust, etc will interchange.

Which parts will not interchange between a 1989 Honda CRX dx and a 1991 Honda hf?

Almost all parts will interchange as they have the same chassis and series of motor.

Where can one find genuine Saturn parts online?

Saturn parts can be found in an online catalog within the Saturn Parts Accessories Catalog web site. GM Parts House also sell genuine Saturn parts. Each site has all the parts you need.

What shotgun parts interchange with a mossberg 1000?

Mossberg made parts only.

What is the gaget in front of battery on my 2002 Saturn L100?

Drive to your local parts store or GM dealer and they can tell you what it is.

Are parts from a poulan and Murray riding mowers interchangeable?

Some parts may interchange. They will be the engine, transaxle, battery and solenoid. But most of the parts like the deck, belts, pullies etc.. will not interchange.

Do all 350 Chevy engine parts interchange?


What year z28 camaro parts will interchange with 67 nova?

Other than perhaps the front subframe assembly from the 1967-69 models, very little

What year of jeep grand Cherokee can i interchange body parts of 1994?

1993-1994-1995 should interchange.

Will a fuel pump of a 1992 Saturn interchange with a 1997 Saturn?

Doubtful however, contact any autoparts store where you can buy parts and ask them to pull up your 97 than pull up a 92 and see if they are the same. Should be able to answer your question in a few minutes.

Cross reference filter from 249999002 to napa?

NAPA Parts interchange finds no parts.

Why did interchangeable parts increase American industrialization?

because interchangeable parts were good to interchange. before these were invented, if a gun broke, a new gun was made. They couldn't interchange the parts that were broken. this saved time and money

Are Saturn cars replacement parts expensive?

Most Saturn replacement parts are moderately priced.

What years of dodge neon's interchange?

Individual parts may vary, but overall the 1995-1999 and 2000-2005 can interchange.

Why would a 1993 and a 1995 Saturn SL2 both surge ahead and then want to die when driving them even after replacing many parts?

Did You replace the EGR valve! Happened to me!

Are 00 civic parts interchangeable with 04 civic?

can you interchange 00 civic parts with 04 civic parts

Are parts from a 98 Saturn compatible with a 94 Saturn?

most parts are, yes some arnt if your going to or from a DOHC and SOHC in fact most Saturn parts are the same it makes finding repair parts a breeze!