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No, it is just a diluted mixutre of alcohol.

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Q: When rubbing alcohol and water mix does rubbing alcohol make water disappear?
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What is rubbing alcohol made out of?

It is a mixture of denatured alcohol, water and agents added to make the alcohol unpalatable to drink and sometimes colorants. There are two common types of rubbing alcohol, Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol and Ethyl Alcohol Rubbing Alcohol.

Can rubbing alcohol cause metal to rust?

Sort of. First off rubbing alcohol doesn't have to be all alcohol, it can be some water in it too, and water can promote rust. Next thing rubbing alcohol can remove a possibly protective layer of grease, which can make metal rust faster.

How much rubbing alcohol will make you sick?

Drinking rubbing alcohol can kill you by destroying your organs. Don't do it.

Will rubbing alcohol on hands make you fail a alcohol test?

No, it will not.

Is it bad to swallow rubbing alcohol?

Usually rubbing alcohol contains methyl alcohol. It will kill you or at-least make you blind. Never use rubbing alcohol for drinking purpose. Specially when you have so many good alcohol beverages to drink.

If someone has a tolerance for alcohol will rubbing alcohol make them die?


What two elements make rubbing alcohol?

The two main elements that make up rubbing alcohol are carbon and hydrogen. However, oxygen is also part of the components.

What elements make up rubbing alcohol?

Isopropenal alcohol is made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

How do you make after shave lotion from cologne?

Add rubbing alcohol. After shave is cologne without alcohol.

How Does the sun make water disappear?

The water will not "disappear"; it will evaporate. If it's hot, water will evaporate faster.

What effect does rubbing alcohol have on nose bleeds?

Alcohol thins your blood. therefore it will make the bleeding worse

Could baking soda and rubbing alcohol make a balloon inflate?


Does rubbing alcohol make your hair fall out?

u shuld try it

How do you make flea bites stop itching?

Rubbing alcohol helps.

Make alcohol slush?

You will need 2 gallon size zippered bags, 1 bottle of rubbing alcohol, and water. The mixture is 3 parts water to one part rubbing alcohol. Double bag to ensure the mixture does not leak. This type of ice pack will mold itself to the injured area and is a very effective tool to use in pain control.

If you clean a used syringe with rubbing alcohol will it kill any possible diseases?

Yes. Let the rubbing alcohol sit for a little bit before you squirt it out, and squirt it out slowly. Make sure you clean it with water a few times afterwards before you use it again.

Can you Make rubbing alcohol drinkable?

No. Rubbing alcohol is a type of alcohol called Isopropyl Alcohol (or isopropynol). Drinking alcohol is ethyl alcohol (or ethynol). They are different at a molecular level, which means you would have to add and remove atoms to change them. You are about as likely to do this as to turn your charcoal for your BBQ into diamonds at home.

Will rubbing alcohol rid ringworm fungus from brushes?

Rubbing alcohol probably does not kill the ringworm fungus. You have to immerse the brush in very hot water. Alternately you have to keep the brush immersed in 70 % alcohol for hours to make it free of ringworm fungus. The practice of rubbing the alcohol to your arm before giving injection is also questionable. Bacteria are not killed by such a short exposure to alcohol. The healthy skin does not have enough bacteria to create problem, when you pierce a skin with sharp needle.

How do you clean your big screen tv that has ridges?

Take a lint free cloth. Spray or drip some rubbing alcohol on the cloth, or if the screen is not so dirty make a mix of 50 % distilled water and 50 % rubbing alcohol. Gently wipe the screen. Repeat if necessary.

Can rubbing alcohol get rid of lice?

no. it can actually make it worse and is not good for your head

Will rubbing alcohol kill bees?

Sure. Just make it a viking funeral.

What is the difference between grain alcohol and rubbing alcohol?

Difference In Grain and Rubbing AlcoholIf memory serves me correctly, grain alcohol is derived from the fermentation of various grains, with the most common being from corn, and it's safe to consume. On the other hand, rubbing alcohol contains isopropyl alcohol (which is a chemically made alcohol), and usually contains additional water and sometimes glycerine, and isn't intended to be substituted for either grain or wood alcohol. To drink it would make one very ill and may even be lethal, or cause blindness. In other words grain alcohol is not equal to rubbing alcohol. period.steph says no.

What is the best way to clean a flat screen television?

Take a lint free cloth. Spray or drip some rubbing alcohol on the cloth, or if the screen is not so dirty make a mix of 50 % distilled water and 50 % rubbing alcohol. Gently wipe the screen. Repeat if necessary.

What is rubbing alchool made of?

Rubbing alcohol (also called isopropyl alcohol) is made by combining water and propene. Propene is a gaseous hydrocarbon -- a byproduct of the oil refining or natural gas industries. Don't drink it !!! (It will make you sick.) Ethyl alcohol or ethanol (a.k.a moonshine) is formed by fermentation & distillation. This is the drinkable kind of alcohol.

Can using rubbing alcohol in the genital area make your testosterone levels low.?

No. Just make you cold.

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