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Yes, it does. When the water evaporates, it can not take the salt with it, so if you left a glass of salt water out, when it is evaporated the salt will be on the glass.

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Q: When salt water evaporates does it turn in fresh water?
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How do you turn fresh water in to saltwater?

By adding salt on it

How does fresh water turn to salt water?

salt is added, or dissolved into it, oceans are about 30 - 33%

What would happen if you put salt water in fresh water?

The fresh water will turn salty... :L Derr,

What lake has both fresh a salt water?

No lakes in the world have saltwater and fresh water because if salt water entered a fresh water lake, the fresh water would turn into salt waterRead more: What_lake_has_both_salt_water_and_freshwater

What is the process of turning salt water turn to fresh water called?


How does salt water turn to fresh water and vice versa?

you can filter the sea water to get rid of the sand. Then you boil the sea water and the salt will turn to crystals. Then filter the water again and then you don't have sand or salt in the water.

How do you turn salt water to pure water?

Distillation is the easiest way. Heat the water until it evaporates, leaving the salt behind. Catch and condense the water vapor into pure water.

What gas does water turn into when it evaporates?

Water turns into steam when it evaporates.

When you mix salt and water and you brush it on paper and heat in oven why does it turn into white shiny crystals?

Because in the oven the water evaporates but the salt remains.

How does water vapor turn into water?


What does water turn into when it evaporates?

Water vapor.

How does salt water turn to fresh water?

there are many ways but the good one is that u boil the water then cold the eveoportion of the water.

How do you convert your inground pool from salt to chlorinated water?

Simple. turn of the chlorine generator and pretend there is fresh water in there as time wears on the salt will get weaker and weaker.

When water evaporates what does it turn into?

Water vapour or steam if the water is boiling

How do penguins turn salt water into fresh water?

They do not turn it into freshwater, they just have the ability to exude or process excess salt within their bodies. Sometimes if you see sea birds, they appear to have a crusty film around their nasal openings on their beaks. This is excess salt

How is water conservation relevant?

Well a man named Dean Kamen (the founder of deka) has made a machine that can turn salt water to fresh water

Is salt water able to turn to ice?

No, salt water is not able to turn to ice.

Does water turn into gas when it evaporates?

Yes, once the water evaporates it rises into th air then turns into a gas. P.R

What places has limited water resources?

Generally speaking, desert areas are known to be places where there are water shortages. This can be improved if there are water tables below the surface that can be drilled and thus bring fresh water to the dry surface. Also, desert areas near salt water lakes or oceans can by a chemical process turn the salt water into fresh water.

Why do rivers have fresh water?

Most rivers are filled by precipitation, which is caused by evaporating water. Salt can not evaporate with it as it is a mineral not a liquid. The water in rivers is always flowing with nice clean water and the sediment from animal feces and carcasses are wash away into the ocean, and can not turn to salt in the bottom of the river.Therefor rivers are full of fresh water.

When a liquid evaporates does it turn into water vapor?

Only water as a liquid is transformed in water vapors.

When water evaporates will it turn back into water?

Water is water, whether solid (ice), liquid or gas.

When water evaporates what gas does it turn into?

This gas is also water in the form of vapors.

How do you convert sea water to drinking water?

There are several methods of desalination:Distillation. The fresh water evaporates and is collected in a cooler place. This can be simple or complex. Rain is a distillation process. Heating up the salt water makes it evaporate faster.Reverse Osmosis. There are membranes that pass fresh water. Pressuring the salt water to push it through the osmotic membrane speeds up the process. This is the preferred way for large scale drinking water plants, because of its lower energy requirement.Electrolysis. Turn the salt water into oxygen and hydrogen then recombine them. Result pure water.

Can you turn drinking water into salt water?

just add salt to it