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When should I add dry acid in my swimming pool?


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You can add dry acid to your pool when your pH is above 7.8

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Reduces alkalinity of swimming pool water (softens hard water)

Add Muriatic Acid. Always check your pool chemistry after changing the pH.

Usually you would add muriatic acid to adjust the pools acid level.

When you add acid to a swimming pool it actually decreases the pH level you add soda ash to increase the levels http://sacpoolservices.com

Remove some water in container (10-20%) and add new water. example: pump water high in cyanuric acid out of a swimming pool and the add fresh water to the pool.

That depends on the swimming pool and the location of the house.

Yes you can add shock solution to your swimming pool after or at the same time as a clarifyer. You should not swim in your pool for at 4 hours after shocking it.

Yes, you should leave it on. This way the acid will be run through the filter.

Muriatic acid added to the pool water will not remove stains from swimming pools. Unless you do an acid wash. Something that should be left to an experienced pool tech. Purchase a good test kit that will measure chlorine, pH, alkalinity and conditioner. This test kit will, after the initial test for pH and with a further test, give you amounts of muriatic acid to add to your particular size, in gallons, pool. K

To raise the pH of your pool you add soda ash (sodium carbonate). To lower the pH of your pool add muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid) or sodium bisulfate. You should always add chemicals with the pump running and check your levels again once the newly added chemicals have been circulated around the pool.

Pour it directly into the pool water, away from the skimmers, but BE CAREFUL......acid tends to bounce when hitting water and can splash back on you!!! Hold the opening right next to the water when pouring. Follow directions on how much you should add (prbly already knew that):)

It is necessary because the chlorine kills all of the germs that enter the swimming pool.

You do not add pH to a pool - it does not exhist as a product.

The amount of bleach you add per gallon of water to a swimming pool depends on the size of the pool. For a small wading pool that is up to 100 gallons you would add 1/8th of a cup of bleach.

Add the aluminum sulphate to the pool. Run the filter for two hours. Wait overnight to vacuum the bottom of the pool.

I use a five gallon bucket add some water then add acid and fill with more water while pool is circulating walk around pool pour in 3 to 4 spots .

acid is added to a pool when alkalinity is too high. Take a sample of pool water to your pool shop and have it tested by them. they will tell you what is required.

You will need to add an amount of chemicals that is proportional to the size of your pool. The containers of the chemicals should tell you how much to add for the size of pool you have. It might be better if you take a sample of water to a local pool supply store, so that they can tell you exactly what you need for your specific pool. http://www.ehow.com/about_5390392_chemicals-put-new-pool.html

When you check the ph in the pool water you are testing for acidity or base. If the ph is too high you add an acid to bring it down. If it is too low you add a base to bring it up. Your swimming pool supplier will have the correct chemicals for you too use and should be able to assist you in buying the correct amounts. Some major stores carry products such as PH UP or PH DOWN. You can purchase from these stores at a possible discount, but will need to figure the correct amounts to add to your pool. SODA ASH (sodium carbonate) RAISES THE pH. All pool stores have it.

The water should contain chlorine in order to kill germs. You won't know who or what might land in your pool.

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