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When should a couple kiss?

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Only when you both feel ready for it. You both need to be ready for it, and your parents (if your under 18) should be okay with it.

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If your 13 how long should it take for a couple to kiss?

That depends on the couple, everyone does things at their own pace.

When should a couple have their first kiss?

Whenever you feel ready and comfortable ;)

Did Sonic Kiss Shadow in Sonic X?

No, they didn't. And people should stop saying they love a couple on questions. It's not the question "what couple do you like?" is it?

When should a teen couple first kiss?

When you both are ready. The kiss just come's naturally and when you two look into each other's eye's, you'll know it's a perfect time for a kiss.

How often should a 17 yr old couple kiss if they have been dating a year?

There is no "should" for kissing. You do it as often as you feel comfortable.

Should your first kiss be a French kiss or a regular kiss?

A french kiss can let the other person feel like they are not just a friend and that they are more then that. === === i recommend a regular kiss on the first couple of dates however if you feel that shes unsatisfied (youll know) then go for the french kiss

How long should a couple have their first kiss on the lips?

Well it depends on the couple and how they feel about each other. If they love each other and think the moment is right, the kiss could last very long and end up being really intense, but if they don't really want the kiss to be a "wow" kiss, then it could be very short.

What should an 11 year old couple do on a walk on the beach?

hold hands and talk I guess you could hug but I don't think you should kiss.

Do boys and girls kiss?

They kiss to show that they love each other ... when they are a couple or in a relationship.

Does dan and runo kiss?

i really hope they do in season 3 it will be great if they kiss their a great couple

Did Spenelli and Maxie kiss?

Yes. They are a good couple!

Should i be nervous for my first kiss?

When should you have your first kiss

Should you ask a guy to kiss you if he just told you he likes you?

not right away....wait until you are officially a couple...and on a date....you should'nt ask....it should just...well...happen...and it should be special

Should he kiss you or should you kiss him?

He should kiss you because if you kiss him he may think you have never kissed somebody and you want to get it over and done with he may think your desprate.

When and how should i kiss my boyfriend when I'm not allowed on dates?

you should kiss him at school. A french kiss biach

Which episode of ncis do tony and ziva kiss?

They kiss in the episode 'Undercovers' in season 3 but it wasn't a real kiss, It was because they were undercover as a married couple

When was Megan Fox's first kiss?

couple years back. with me

Did Justin Bieber kiss selna?

yes they are a cute couple

Why do Muslims kiss on lips after marriage?

because they are a married couple!

Did Mario kiss pauline?

A couple of times when Mario saves her.

Is it better to talk to a girl that is going to college when you're a senior in High School?

It's better to talk to a girl that is going to college when you're a senior in High School about becoming a couple than to kiss her on the lips then ask her if you're a couple because you have to man up by talking to her, besides when you talk to her you can ask her if you're a couple, and if she says yes then that means youre a couple. Also is she says yes, than when you get a good moment to kiss her on the lips because of the fact that she is your girlfriend you know that you can kiss her on the lips without her getting mad and you don't have to worry about if she is your girlfriend anymore because she said yes, that you're a couple which means that both of you know that you're a couple and that you don't have to ask her if you're a couple after kissing her on the lips because you asked her that question earlier and she said yes, but if you don't get a good chance to talk to her then you should hope you get a chance to kiss her on the lips and if and when you get a chance to kiss her on the lips you should kiss her on the lips and then ask if you're a couple while you have her in you're arms but the only problem with that is if you get rejected because than it would be an oqured moment so just talk to the girl if you get a good chance to talk to her.

Will Percy and Annabeth kiss in the final book?

Yes, they kiss twice on page 373. They also become a couple.

How do you have a gay person to kiss you?

Platonic? Then air kiss or on the cheek. Sexual? Just like any straight couple does it.

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