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Whenever they feel ready

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2011-02-09 11:33:00
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Q: When should a girl need a bra?
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How do you tocth girl bra?

You should not touch a girl's bra without her knowledge and permission. If you are not close enough to a girl to ask her how to touch her bra, then you don't need to worry about it.

When should a girl get a bra?

A girl should get a bra in the ages between 8-11 years.

What size bra should a 10 year old girl need?


When should a girl buy a bra?

Around the age 9-13, a girl will get her first bra or training bra.

How should you tell your mom you need a bra?

Go shopping and look around. then find the bra section and say ''mom ive been thinking, every girl at school has a bra, and i think i need on to''

What age should a girl be wearing a bra?

I think it should be when you have a 'chest' and you need one. I need to start wearing one and I'm 10.

When should a girl where a bra?

when should a girl wear a bra? u asked at the age of 11 or 12 i would say yw

What size bra should a 10-year-old girl need?

At 10 years old I doubt that you need a bra. If you do have your mom take you to a department store and have the lady in the foundations measure you. She will fit you with the right size bra.

How should a girl tell her parent if she thinks she should start wearing a sports bra?

If it's your first bra, you don't necessarily want a sports bra, you want a training bra. And honestly, it's awkward, but just tell your mom that you need one.

Should you wear a real bra at ten?

If you need a bra, you should wear one.

Why should little girl wear a bra?

If they do develop breasts then she should, I am 10 and I dont wear a bra! Some are comfortable, my friends have them, my mum says I dont need them, but I tell her that my breast feels droopy without a bra. How old is your daughter? You should really be atleast 10 to wear a bra! It depends on your breast size

When should s girl get a bra?

A girl should get a bra when her breasts start to develop. When other girls start to wear bras or when she notices her chest changing she should start with a training bra, and when she needs more support she should consider other bras.

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