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you should stop bleeding within 24 hrs otherwise you might make a trip back to your dentist to be checked out.

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Q: When should one stop bleeding after a wisdom tooth is pulled?
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Is popcorn ok to have after getting a wisdom tooth out?

yes it is ok to have popcorn after you get a wisdom tooth pulled out

How long should bleeding occur once a wisdom tooth is removed?

I just had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled and 2 molars about a week ago. My bleeding lasted about 8 or so hours. So Im sure it varies by person and how much of a bleeder you are.

How do you treat infected wisdom tooth?

Get it pulled out.

How long should you wait to smoke after having a wisdom tooth pulled?

i wouldn't smoke at all.

Can you play footy after having your wisdom tooth pulled out?

Yes you can, wisdom is not required.

How do you get ride of wisdom tooth?

getting them pulled by a doctor

You are scheduled to have your wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow but you have an abscess tooth right next to it Can you still get the wisdom teeth pulled?


Is it possible to have a piece of a tooth left after getting your wisdom tooth pulled?

yes yes

How do you clean the area after your wisdom tooth is pulled out?

Listerine.......... lots

Can you drink chocolate milk after your wisdom tooth is pulled?


Can you eat bread after having wisdon tooth pulled?

SURE YOU can eat anything after having a wisdom tooth pulled out. Naturally you may not want to chew with the side from which the tooth was pulled out. You can chew with the opposite side. Why restrict your diet to bread,? ON THE day of extraction it may be a good idea to avoid hot food and hot drinks It can precipitate bleeding

Why are your lower teeth hurting on the same side I just got my wisdom tooth pulled?

u got your wisdom teeth pulled out dummy

How much does it cost to have wisdom teeth pulled?

125 per tooth

Who takes the stitches out from a pulled wisdom tooth?

The stiches should dissolve over the next couple of days on their own - they are not removed.

Should you have a wisdom tooth pulled?

If there's a valid reason. For example, sometimes wisdom teeth don't have room and will cause damage to the teeth in front of them if allowed to grow in.

Can you grow wisdom teeth after wisdom tooth is pulled?

yes! although it is extremely rare, it has been known to happen.

Is it normal not to feel your tongue after getting a wisdom tooth pulled?

Yes, for a day.

Is it normal for the tooth in front of your wisdom tooth that got pulled to hurt?

Yes, its fairly typical with most people.

How do you stop the bleeding after a wisdom tooth is pulled?

Bite on a wet tea bag for a few minutes. It will allow a clot to form and will not stick to the clot. Oozing is normal for the first hour or so.

How long do you keep gauze in after having a tooth pulled?

just till it stops bleeding

How long should you continue changing the gauze after getting a wisdom tooth pulled?

You should keep changing it until you stop bleeding heavy(the gauze will turn a much lighter shade of pink) or until your dentist tells you to. Everyone is different though. For my top wisdom teeth I bled for 2-3 hours after they were extracted. If the bleeding doesn't stop in a timely manner I would get in touch with or dentist or a doctor right away.

How do you stop wisdom tooth bleeding after surgery but you take coumadin?

all you have to do is put this specail cream on

My husband has had a tooth pulled out and now his wisdom tooth is growing in it's place and causing pain he thinks that his gums might be infected What should he do?

make a dentil apointmant and let he dentist do the rest duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

How long do you have to wait to smoke after get your wisdom tooth pulled?

I just had two teeth pulled and my denist said 4 days till I can smoke

What do you do when you got your tooth pulled out and its still bleeding but you want to go to bed?

If the pulled out tooth was intentional, then just keep swilling your mouth out and sucking the gum where the tooth just came from. You should not go to bed with your mouth bleeding seeing as its quite easy that way to drown on your own blood whilst asleep. Lovely isn't it? But if it was not intentional, then push your tooth back where it came from in the gum because then there is a chance that it will stay there and that it will grow back in to the gum