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Does your period last the whole 7 days while on the placebo pills for birth control?

It may for the first few cycles, you can expect the bleeding to become much lighter over time. The bleeding while using BCP is breakthrough bleeding, not an actual period, as you are not ovulating. It starts in the days after your last hormonal pill in the packet.

Can i become anemic from bleeding hemorrhoids?

Yes, if the bleeding is excessive.

What did Kansas become known as in the 1850s?

Bleeding Kansas Bleeding Kansas

Why is antibiotic resistance a problem?

Because if some bacteria survive the antibiotics they become immune to that type of antibiotic. Then if you pass on the bacteria again the next person will not know which type of antibiotic to use.

How is antibiotic resistance an adaptation?

The trait giving bacteria antibiotic resistance has become common, giving bacteria with the trait a selective advantage.

Has antibiotic resistance affected endocarditis?

Unfortunately, in recent years, the treatment of endocarditis has become more complicated as a result of antibiotic resistance

What can occur after long-term antibiotic therapy?

after long-term antibiotic therapy, patients can become more susceptible to yeast infections

Why is bacteria become resistant to an antibiotic?

Yes, over use of antibiotics can cause bacteria to become resistant.

Why have i had non stop bleeding 3 months?

You should be seeing a gynaecologist before you become anemic!! I agree....Any abnormal bleeding you should be concerned about, hard to say what may cause it. If you are on birth control, the 1st 3 months its normal to have SPOTTING...or if you are pregnant, 1st trimester bleeding occurs sometimes but is def. unhealthy so either way it get that checked out...A.S.A.P

What are some problems that arise when a bacteria become resistant to an antibiotic?

The antibiotic resistance may be transferred to a virulent pathogenic bacterium. Then we will not be able to cure the infection.

How does bacteria population become resistant to an antibiotic?

antibiotics do not get rid of 100% of germs

How is antibiotic resistance observed in bacteria in light of Darwinian selection theory?

A random mutation causes one bacterium to become resistant to an antibiotic. Then all the others are killed when the antibiotic is introduced to the environment. The mutated bacterium is free to reproduce and soon many members of that species are resistant to that antibiotic.

What is the meaning of aarthavam?

bleeding in woman when they become mature

Why would antibiotic dosages be decreased?

To not use too much so that the bacteria can become immune to the antibiotics and become superbacteria.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are become more common due to?

this may be due to horizontal gene transfer between bacteria and also due to several mutations...

How might an individual bacterium become resistant to an antibiotic?

it inherited the allele that made it resistant

Why did mr Alexander Fleming become famous?

He became famous as he discovered penicillin a antibiotic.

How might individual bacterium become resistant to an antibiotic?

mutations in the cells of the bacteria (the pathogens)

Wha t would cause vaginal bleeding after a hysterectomy?

It is normal to experience some bleeding after a hysterectomy. If the bleeding has become a concern, contact your physician right away.

What if you take less of an antibiotic than was prescribed?

You need to take the full dosage. If you don't take the full dosage, some of the bacteria will become resistant to the antibiotic and can make a come back. Because so many people don't finish the course of antibiotics we now have all kinds of antibiotic resistant bacteria, which can become a serious problem.

Can a Catholic become an orangeman?

Not as far as the Catholic Church is concerned.

If you Menstrual cycle is abnormal for several months can you become anemic?

If you are bleeding heavily each period you can become anaemic. You should see a doctor to find the cause of the bleeding and to check for side effects.

What causes a enlarge spleen?

Spleens become enlarged if you have internal bleeding.

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