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When should you register for your baby showers?

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as soon as possible! definitely before shower invites go out

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Are baby showers only for girls?

Not in today's society! Baby showers are now for both parents-to-be and should be attended by friends and family of both.

Should you have a baby shower for your second child?

you should have a baby shower no matter how many babies you have, its a taditon to have baby showers.

Who gives baby showers?

Your family or friends can give you baby showers.

Do girls only come to baby showers?

Traditionally, baby showers are a female only event. However, couple's baby showers or coed baby showers are increasingly common and these parties will have both men and women.

You took hot showers before you found out you were pregnant and still do is your baby ok?

Normal showers should be fine during pregnancy.

Are baby showers a ceremonies?

Baby showers are a ceremonies. They are because they celebrate a birth of a baby and it is a ceremonies just like weddings and anniversary's

How many baby showers should you have for your first child?

There are no set amount of baby showers. Your coworkers could give you one; mother or mother-in-law; your best friend or two best friends. Probably have a work one and then one with your family and friends

Do you enjoy bridal showers and baby showers?

They are ok, but the gift opening part is always pretty boring.

Who should give a baby shower?

Typically, a baby shower is given by a close friend of the mom-to-be. Though showers can also be hosted by a sister or other close relative.

Should a fifth baby get a baby shower?

It depends on the family and friends of the woman having her fifth baby whether they want to have another baby shower for her. There is no set etiquette for this so a woman can have one or many baby showers for each child.

What sims games can you throw baby showers?

You can't

Should you give your daughter a shower for her second baby when she had a big shower for her first one?

* It's an individuals choice and a second baby shower is acceptable. Afternoon baby showers are generally the most common.

What does Will Ferrell's character crash in Wedding Crashers?

baby showers

Who goes to a baby showers?

Baby showers are typically an all female affair held in honor of the mom-to-be. The guest list includes female friends and relatives as well as in-laws. Baby showers are typically for adult guests only and are not meant for children. Some showers are held in honor of the couple and not just the mommy-to-be. In this case, both male and female friends and family members would be invited.

When should you send baby shower invitiation out?

Many baby showers are held during the last trimester of pregnancy and baby shower invitations are typically mailed out about a month before the party to allow people plan and RSVP.

What food should I serve at a baby shower?

Baby showers are usually a place to have cute foods. Smaller versions of things are popular such as petit fours, little cakes and cookies or individual pies.

Where can you sell diaper cakes?

mostly at baby showers or at a wedding only if there looking forward to having a baby

Why don't Bulgarians have a baby shower before the baby is born?

Not just Bulgarians. The people in most other countries don't normally host baby showers. It is an American/British tradition, and not a very old one at that. It is slowly becoming more and more popular in other countries as they adopt/mimic many American practices, such as bridal showers, baby showers, greeting cards, etc.

What type of items should be included in baby gift baskets for baby showers?

Any items that can be easily used and will help the new parents are appropriate. These include baby oil, baby powder, diapers, baby clothes and others. Some people also give gift certificates.

In what trimester do you register for baby shower?

Generally baby showers are given when the mother to be is six to eight months pregnant. It is wiser to give the baby shower when she is six months pregnant because the closer she gets to her due date the more tired she would be and she may not enjoy the baby shower to it's fullest potential. It is also wise to ask the mother or sister of the mother to be if she wants a baby shower before the baby is born as some new mothers are superstitious that it is bad luck to have a baby shower before the baby is born in case she loses the baby. Some very successful baby showers are given after the baby is born and then everyone can see the new baby. If you choose to do this them wait a month after the baby is born so the new mother is a little more rested.

I am hosting my sisters baby shower, I am looking for some fun and exciting games to play?

There are many games to play at baby showers. Some of the games include never say "baby", How many baby items can you name, how well do you know mommy to be, Baby trivia, guess the baby item, and many more. There are many fun games yo can play at baby showers.

Is it proper for men to come to baby showers?

I suppose if they want to. As a woman who hates baby and bridal showers I think it is unfair that guys get out of going to this crap! I see nothing wrong with a man going, especially if it is the father-to-be.

Do all cultures have baby showers?

No, that's a recent, mostly Western phenomenon.

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