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Before Birth of Baby

What books would you recommend reading for someone who is pregnant?

"Start now -- when the time comes, there'll be no time ;-)."

"I like Penelope Leach's books, myself."

"I constantly read up on baby care, I figure the more I know the better off I'll be."

"If you don't already have it, I would suggest the 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' book. My doctor provided me with a copy and I think it's great. But, opinions will differ, browse through it at the store if you like."

It depends on what type of information you are looking for. If you want to be informed for your own knowledge and so you can make informed choices about your pregnancy and birth then books like What to Expect When You're Expecting wont help much. Try "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" by Henci Goer or "Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn" by Simkin, Whalley, and Keppler. You might search for doulas in your area and ask if they have a book lending library, most do.

I have to say that hands-down, the most entertaining book on pregnancy I have read is The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy by Vicky Iovine. It is very factual but keeps you laughing and it's not as intimidating as other books. For a first p/g, definitely go for that! Also, The Unofficial Guide to Pregnancy is great to have as a resource, and it answered many of my questions, but it's pretty boring. I find that the Internet can be more helpful than books. My favorite site for pregnancy is and there's also great discussion forums at

what to expect when your expecting is definitely the best for info. as far as wanting to laugh instead of screaming at the father of your fetus, belly laughs by jenny mcCarthy is the best book to read.


read what to expect when your expecting .. i read that book and now i know like just about everything about pregnancy it helped me out alot and made me less worried when something new happened to my body.


I would say the dictionary. It is important to understand birthing terminology and phrases like "push" and "almost there." Good luck on this exciting adventure!

Before Birth of Baby

How long before your due date should you pack your hospital bag?

Packing pointers from the pregnant ladies:

  • I would personally say three months before your due date, due to the possibility of premature labor. Obviously there would be nothing worse than going into premature labor without any of your personal belongings to make your experience much better. Plus, if you do go into labor early, the chances are you won't have the time to go round the house looking for the things you need to take into hospital.

  • A few weeks before your due date, unless you're at risk for premature labor - or a worry-wart by nature.

  • Pack it at least four weeks before. That way, if your water breaks or you go into labor early, you can get to the hospital and not have to concentrate on the stress of having to pack stuff and go around.

  • I agree... I'm 35 weeks' pregnant and I packed my bags yesterday! You never know what could happen. I packed my bags and put them in the trunk, because you never know when contractions could hit, and you don't want to be running back to the house to grab everything. It's also a good idea to install the car seat a few weeks prior to your due date.

  • See... I was just so excited that I had my bags packed at 30 weeks and I kept switching what I was bringing all the time. If I would have known what I was having from Day 1, I might have packed then...

  • I would think around 5-6 months.

  • Any time after 26 weeks.

  • Any time you like; it depends on how long you have left, but why not add a little each week and then by the time you have reached near to the end you'll be all ready to go and not need to rush out and buy anything, but just check you have it all. That way it's less stressful and gives you something to do, as well as help to count down to the big day!!

  • Two months before your due date; that way if it's a premature birth you will still be ready.

  • I packed mine six weeks before my due date, which actually ended up being 8 weeks before the baby was born.
Before Birth of Baby

When should you buy baby clothes when you are expecting?

If you want to buy some baby clothes, you can buy them at online shop kimibear, the price is cheap and there are many choices.

Before Birth of Baby

Is the John Lewis cot bed mattress the same as The Little Green Sheep mattress they look identical but the John Lewis organic cot bed mattress is much more expensive?

I had this same question and someone at John Lewis told me they were indeed the exact same mattress manufactured at the same place but the only difference is the John Lewis organic cot bed mattress is just branded differently - and is much more expensive! If I were you I'd go for The Little Green Sheep mattress as it also comes with a 5 year guarantee etc.

PS: They're great mattresses wherever you get it from!

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Before Birth of Baby

When should you buy a car seat?

If you think a baby shower will be held, you should definitely hold off on buying some things, including some larger items, in case you have very generous family or friends. But if you have definite preferences for certain brands/models of car seat, stroller, etc, you may want to either let relatives know this in advance, or maybe register at a baby store in your area.

A car seat is definitely needed before you come home from the hospital, I know some people drove around with them in the car for a few weeks (with a stuffed animal strapped in) before the baby was due to get used to putting someone/thing into the seat each time they got in and getting the item/baby out each time they got out.

Many hospitals will not even allow the infant to leave the hospital unless they vehicle they are traveling in (and the driver they're traveling with) has the proper infant car seat, properly strapped in. For coming home from the hospital (and for about 6 months, depending how quickly your baby grows), you need a NEWBORN, rear facing, harness car seat. The newborn car seats are those that tilt back and the baby is more in a lying position than sitting up. Even those car seats that are mostly sitting up and claim that they are for newborns are not the type of car seats the hospital staff will be looking for. I would also recommend getting a headrest for your newborn, as it will help to sturdy the newborn's head when placed into the car seat. The newborn is still so small in this car seat that it's poor little head can just flop around (plus he has no real support to rest it unless it's bent all the way down onto his shoulder). The head rest looks like an upside down U-shaped pillow, with backing fabric so that it too can be strapped into the car seat, and they are fairly cheap (less than $10).

You definitely want one of those infant car seat/carrier things. We had purchased two car seats that said on the box they were for infancy to toddlerhood (30 lbs?). Forget it. They didn't tilt back enough for a newborn.

If this your first baby consider if the newly pending grandparents are likely to spring for big ticket items ... also see if somebody will lend you one -- e.g. our cot has been used by 15 babies so far.

You are going to need a car seat from the day your child is born until he/she is around 8-12 years old.

Do NOT purchase a used seat. They have unknown history, and could fail in a crash.

to know more consulte :

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Before Birth of Baby

When should you create a nursery for an expected baby?

"I'd say [start building a nursery] as soon as is comfortable. The larger you get, the harder it is to move things around (even the lightweight things -- you just get tired of carrying them from room to room). Now, at 6 1/2 months pregnant, I'm really not in the mood to move the bookcases that need moving!"

"Selecting the paint/wallpaper takes a loooong time if both you and your husband are anything like us! And it may take awhile to order certain paper. Then just getting it painted or papered takes awhile of course. It's much easier to get this done earlier in the pregnancy."

"This depends. Are you just going to set up the furniture? If so, you can do it as soon as you buy the furniture, or someone can do it for you the day before the baby comes home. It really doesn't make a difference. But if you want to put up new wallpaper, lay down new flooring, etc., then you'll want to get started a few months before your due date -- so you don't have to rush, and you'll know it will be done in time."

"Surely the man in your life would be responsible in doing all the hard work ... you shouldn't have to do a thing whilst you are pregnant. You need to relax and take things easy.

If you are considering repainting the room then you would need to give yourself approximately 3 months preparation, especially to get the paint fumes to settle down."

"Setting up the furniture will only take a day and delivery of the goods (if you haven't bought already) is almost immediately in some stores. So relax, take it easy, you have heaps of time."

"Setting up the furniture may only take a day, however the furniture may smell like laquer or paint or glue if it is coming right out of a box. Our high-end crib required 3 weeks out of the box before the nursery smelled normal again (in August). I suggest you set up your nursery at the end of your 2nd or the beginning of your 3rd trimester. By then you will have gotten to know your little one better and will have a much better idea of what you want. Things are confusing in the first trimester and you will be busy learning and reading in the second. You will know yourself and the baby much better in the third. "

"I would wait until you were a certain month pregnant just to be safe."

"Have it done before the baby shower."

"Several months before giving birth, will be the best time for a mother or both the couple to plan and prepare for a baby nursery and to put some nursery decorations on it. Consider all important things that a baby needs."

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Before Birth of Baby

What books should one read to her unborn baby?

Community Answer 1

Any children or baby books that will be read to them when they are born. Or just say anything to them all the time. Sing, talk, read. The fetus can sense the mothers voice. You can sing or talk to your baby.


Community Answer 2

I am Sam I do not like Green Eggs and Ham: By Dr. Seuss

Healthcare Coverage While Pregnant
Before Birth of Baby

Is there financial support for pregnant teens?

Financial Support For Pregnant TeensThere are many programs to help pregnant teens. There is the department of human services, wic, which is at your local health department. You can try churches. Your township might help, too. Every town has their own individual programs, you just might have to look harder to find them. If you have a pregnancy center or a food pantry in or around your town they might be able to tell you more programs and refer you to some. Don't give up. It's always a blessing when you have a child. You will always need to remember that is the most valuble gift you can get in life and you will be ok if you try.

Read on for more advice and comments from Wiki s contibutors:

  • I am 15 years old and im 23 weeks pregnant my family is helping me and is so exited but they werent at first!I know theres WIC but i don't think im even elegible for it because my family might make too much money but really we don't....with the cost of food lately its expensive to go to the store even if u watch what ur buying. It costs my family about 250$ at the store when we get everything we need. And we don't even have that much for that. We have like 100$ ha and with 5 ppl in ur family its no clothes and im gettin bigger i cant fit into mine ne more i was wearin extra smalls now im in mediums almost larges its hard...i need money for my child i cant even get a job cause im 15 no one will hire me and even if i was 16 or older i probably couldn't get a job ne way cause barely anyones hiring since the economy is so bad and they cant affford it. well im done here but im glad i made the decission to keep my baby girl but its gonna be hard on money!
  • If the father isn't around, child support is usually enforced if you are requiring assistance with local and state human resources
  • The only financial support pregnant teens should receive is the support from the father of the child. A child is the mothers responsibility, not the mothers parents, or the government but the mother alone and if you make the decision to keep your child then you should raise your child. You may struggle but whatever doesnt kill you will just make you stronger in the end.
  • Yes there are financial support for teen mothers. Muh friend is on one now called WIC. And they give her coupons to go to the store and getr diapers babyfood and wat u need to take care of ur baby.
  • Contact the DFS in your city or county. They will assist you in finding medical care, WIIC, and if needed living arrangements. There are also agencies to aid in a teen finishing their education, job training and placement, child care expenses and so forth. It takes TWO people to "make" a baby. You will need to name the father, so the state can, if possible recover some of the expenses and if the circumstances warrant begin the legal process of obtaining a child support order.
  • I'm changing this entire answer. I am 19 years old and just recently learned that I have become pregnant. I continue to hear this recurrent theme throughout these answers - "Keep it in your pants". Well, you know what, if your mothers and fathers had "kept it in their pants", perhaps you wouldn't be here. I'm going through one of the most difficult times in my life, and "keep it in your pants" is not helping me through it. Perhaps if you all dropped your fundamentalist agendas for a moment, you'd see that YOUR CRITICISM is that which is making the abortion rates skyrocket. Personally, I don't know if there is financial support out there for pregnant teenagers, in fact, that's what I came here to find out. However, for the pregnant teenagers visiting this site, I feel your hardships, and I trust that you will not take the testimony of these ignorant people to heart.
  • Forget all those people telling you to keep in their pants because honestly they know nothing. I am 16 years old and found out i am 7 weeks pregnant. Well when I finally told my parents my mom took me to dshs and i now have medical and i have an appointment with WIC and they will give me milk, juice, ceral, chesse and other food..If you havent looked it up find a local WIC office and go to your local dshs if you need medical or food stamps or financial help. I know what you are going through with people saying "keep it in your pants" and i hate that because it's like they have no compassion at all and i also believe that's a reason so many people have abortions. i really hope everything works out for you goodluck
  • First off, i'd like to say that I am 17 years old and will be 18 next month and is 10 weeks pregnant. For all you judgemental people out there, who are you to judge others. Mistakes happen just like everyone in here are human. Stop acting like you or anyone you know didnt have a child as a teenager. Some may be able to do more than others. The whole point is that the situation is at hand. There is always an alternative (referring back to the question). There is WIC, public housing, child support, etc. So ignore those losers and keep your baby. Just go online and do some research. Talk to an adult whom you trust and they can help. Good luck on your decisions and remember, who cares what others think. It's your situation and you must deal with it not them. You don't owe anyone of them so keep your head up and do what you have to do.
  • I am 16 and I will be 8 months next week. There are a couple of things you nee to think about. First of all let me say that I do not encourage any more posts like the one above mine. It is very immature and I am sure she was still in shock when she wrote it. Angry posts like that just ake us pregnant teens look worse. So here is what I can tell you. You can get WIC, it is very easy to get. If you are not married to the father than you are the child's mother and they will take your income..even if you don't have any. You can not, however, get food stamps. You hae to be 18. You may also be eligable for free health insurance...just go apply the worst thing they can do is say no, and if they do than you can figure it out from there. I very much encourage you to keep your baby, I am also having a girlans after carrying her this long I have fallin in love with her. Honetly my opinion is abortion is just straight up wrong, and as far as adoption, if you were big enough to lay down and have sex than you are big enough to do what it takes to take care of YOUR child.
Before Birth of Baby

What is the temperature inside the womb?

The mothers body temperature.

Before Birth of Baby

Should you rewrite your will and designate a guardian while still pregnant?

This is -- I can't emphasize it enough -- very important! You should, from my point of view, do this before the birth.

I had a friend in elementary school whose parents were killed in an auto accident when she was 3 weeks old. No relatives were found, and there was no one designated as a guardian if something happened to Laura. The result was she became a ward of the state and was then put up for adoption. There are probably relatives out there; the county or the State of California just couldn't find them to tell them.

Additionally, my grandparents both died before my mother was 12. No one was designated as a guardian, and she was placed in a foster home for five years. One year (age 12-13) was spent being shuttled between various half-brothers and sisters who were either unable to care for her at the time, or didn't wish to, because she was from their father's second marriage.

A person may name a guardian for all children who may be born to him or her in the future, just as one can leave property to children who may be born to him or her in the future.

Designating a guardian can take time if there isn't an obvious choice. You also need to make sure the guardian is willing!

A will has to be probated to be effective, so naming someone as guardian in a will is going to delay things. I would recommend a letter nominating someone as guardian of any children who are minors at the time of your death. Have the nominee keep the original, but keep a copy somewhere where it will be found in the event of your death.

If you write the letter yourself instead of having an attorney do it for you, make sure the letter is written in your own handwriting (not typed), signed by you and dated. It would also be advisable to have it notarized. In addition, you should make sure the copy you keep is a certified copy, rather than just a xeroxed copy.

If you are having a problem pregnancy, you can make sure the hospital and attending physician know about the letter and know how to contact the nominee. Make sure the nominee knows she/he has to go to court to be legally appointed guardian. Neither a will nor a letter designating a guardian does anything to create a legal guardianship.

If the father is alive and wants custody of the child, he may get custody in preference to a guardian nominated by you. If you have reasons for not wanting the father to have custody, you should make them clear in the letter and provide the nominee with whatever evidence you have to support your claims.

Basically accurate. In most states you recommend a foster patent or custodian. The local court has the final say but will take your designation into consideration.

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Before Birth of Baby
False Pregnancy Test

Can methadone give a false pregnancy result?

yes it can

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Before Birth of Baby

Is Lee Williams of the Spiritual QCs still alive?

Yes or no

Before Birth of Baby

Should you have vaccinations before getting pregnant?

Answer-- Get all your vaccinations done BEFORE you get pregnant. You don't want live vaccine viruses around while you are pregnant, because they can hurt the developing baby. Some vaccines are live viruses and other vaccines are dead viruses, so check with your doctor which is which. As long as you get pregnant about 4-6 months after your final vaccination (for a live virus vaccine) you should be OK. Also, don't let the new baby get vaccines too young, or too many all at once. "Get your immunities to common childhood diseases (mumps and measles) tested. If you received the shots during certain years and lot numbers, they might not have worked. This is to avoid birth defects. Wait a while (at least three months) after getting the shot, before you get pregnant." "Getting rubella (German measles) early in pregnancy can cause birth defects. A simple blood test can tell if you have immunity. If you are not immune, a vaccine given at least 3 months before getting pregnant will protect you from getting rubella in the future."

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Before Birth of Baby

How do you regret a baby shower invitation?

Brainyelz's answer: nobody asks should be how do you forget a baby shower.

just forget about it

Baby Cachet's answer: If you are asking how to regretfully decline a baby shower invitation, then the answer can be found in the related link below entitled "How do you decline a baby shower invitation?"

Before Birth of Baby

Does a human pregnancy last nine months?

A human pregnancy usually lasts about 40 weeks or maybe even more than that because it's rare that a baby is born on their actual due date. So it's slightly more than 9 months if you carry full term :)

Before Birth of Baby

What is normal heart rate during pregnancy?

The heart rate during pregnancy is a little higher than the normal heart rate. In general, the heart rate of a women is 70 beats per minute but during pregnancy the heart rate goes around 85-90 beats per minute. In the last trimester of your pregnancy, there is a chance of an increase of 10-20 beats in your heart rate. This is as to full fill the additional requirement of blood flow for nourishing the featus.

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What to eat to give birth to a fair complexion baby?

Eat coconuts,oranges,apples,fruits,a lot of yogurt,milk with saffron,look at fair complexioned people.

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Do babies move less closer to birth?

Yes, because space is restricted because they have become so big

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Before Birth of Baby

Do cysts hurt?

Ovarian cysts are very painful

Before Birth of Baby

Buying a cot mattress. What should I look for when buying a cot mattress - I have heard a natural cot mattress is the way forward - Is this true?

Natural cot mattresses are definitely the way forward! - unless you want your room smelling of cheap foam and chemicals!

All I would say though is check that the cot mattress has some certification that it is genuinely chemical free - beware of 'natural cot mattresses' - essentially, these 'natural' cot mattresses can still have chemicals in them, as they are not certified. To ensure the cot mattress is actually chemical free you need to find one that is certified organic.

For what its worth, the only one I know of is and use on my baby girl is one from Little Green Sheep. Their cot mattresses are brilliant, and they are the only ones certified organic - I actually found them through the Soil Association - but more importantly, she sleeps right through ...most of the time!

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Before Birth of Baby

Can you be beautiful while pregnant?

Yes, you can.

Pregnancy gives you the perfect reason to pamper yourself and make yourself feel pretty.

Here are some advices to make you look seductive and pregnant at the same time:

1. Relax

2. Get nice clothes

3. You can buy a stretch marks cream

4. Eating healthy as much as possible

Before Birth of Baby

Which of these connects an embryo to the mother?

not sure what you mean by "which of these" but the umbilical cord connects the embryo to the mother.

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What state can you go to jail for not getting prenatal care?


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Before Birth of Baby

What does relation to brim mean?

The female pelvis is shaped like a bowl with the bottom cut off. The top of the pelvis is called the brim and the bottom is called the outlet. Towards the end of pregnancy the part of the baby which is born first (hopefully the head) settles into the pelvis. This is called engagement Relation to brim describes how much of the head can be felt above the pelvis. It is usually measured in fifths. 5/5 means that no part of the head is in the pelvis. 4/5 means that the top part of the head is in the pelvis and so on. By the time the head is 0/5 the baby is almost born at the end of labor. If at the end of a first pregnancy the midwife or ob/gyn can still feel 5/5 of the baby's head it may mean that the baby is too large to be born naturally. With second or later babies the head may not go into the pelvis until the mother goes into labor.

Before Birth of Baby

What is the role of chlorophyll in human body?

Chlorophyll is not found in the human body it is only only found in plant.

i think this ans isn't absolutely correct coz researchers say that our body too contain chlorophyll in a very little amount..


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