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Right to a fair trial and cruel and unusual punishment.

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When slaves were whipped what human right was being denied to the slaves?

When slaves were whipped, there were many human life rights that were being denied to the slaves. These rights included the right to liberty, due process, and the rights to security.

Laws that controlled slaves behavior and denied them basic rights?

laws that controlled slaves behavior denied them basic rights

What rights were the African American slaves denied?

They were denied all basic human rights because they were considered property. foiiertjetdxn

Which virgina colonists were denied equal rights?

Slaves and indentured servants were the Virginia colonists that were denied equal rights. Women also did not have equal rights.

What were slaves denied?

Rights to vote, own property, work,

Why were laws passed that denied slaves many rights?

The reason why these laws were passed that denied a slaves' many rights is because the laws made it more difficult for enslaved people to escape.

Why were laws passed that denied slaves rights?

Laws were never passed that denied slaves rights because slaves were property, and nothing more.As long as humans were considered property, it was never deemed necessary to pass such laws; after all, why pass a law making it illegal to yell at a horse?A horse was property, just like a slave, and the notion that horses and slaves, might have "rights" was simply too foreign a concept at the time.

What law denied slaves basic human rights?

slave codes

What was the experience of the freed Southern slaves?

Freed slaves were heavily discriminated against and were denied many rights.

What rights were denied to slaves?

Here are some rights that were denied to Slaves,They could not vote.No Freedom of Speech.Their families could be broken up, if they did not work hard enough up too the asters ability.And they could not have a family.

How was slaves whipped?

Slaves were whipped by their masters and they were whipped when they misbehaved or tried to escape. They were also whipped when they didn't do the right thing the owner told them to do.

What rights were slaves denied?

learning how to write, read. those are two they couldn't learn how to do.

What were some of the basic rights slaves did not have?

Privacy, legally killed, voting, Denied in education

How many times were slaves whipped?

Slaves were whipped because of bad behavior. Slaves didn't have a specific number of times they were whipped as punishment, it all depended on what the slave did....So really the whipping number of slaves varied

What were slaves whipped with?


How did slavery deny slaves their basic human rights?

Denied them of freedom, voting, owning property... etc.

How were the slaves freedom denied?

The slaves' freedom was denied by the concept that slaves were property, not human beings, and all human beings are free, but not property, so slaves were denied freedom due to the concept that slaves were property, not people.

How were slaves denied their human rights?

In early America and elsewhere thoughout the world during the height of slavery, slaves had no basic human rights because they were considered property. to control the large number of slaves,colonist passed slave codes.

Why were slaves denied the right to an education?

slaves were denied the right to an education because of there indentured status.

What was the punishment for cruel and unusual punishment of slaves?

slaves get whipped and beaten

Who decided that slaves were property and citizens cannot be denied their property rights without due process of law?

hank melson

Why did King George deny the Bill of Rights Or did he?

he denied it so save his people from having to become slaves to russia and become communist...because if he didnt deny it russia would have declared that they would go to war with them and that is why he denied the bill of rights

How where slaves punished?

they were whipped or brutally beaten.

How were slaves in America punished?

They were beaten and whipped.

How did slaves suffer?

They suffered by being whipped and starved.