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My answer is not state specific. I have been a private investigator who works for life insurance companies for several years and my husband/business partner has been doing it since 2000. There are a few types of investigations that life insurance companies are commonly required to undertake and they are based on measurable circumstances:

* Murder Cases - if the insured person has died due to homicide, the company may require that the beneficiary is formally cleared of involvement, or suspected involvement, in the death of the insured before paying benefits.

* Contestable Death Investigation - This investigation occurs when an insured person dies within 24 months of taking out a new policy or reinstating a lapsed policy. Usually the insurance companies require an interview with the family, the presentation of certain identification documents, certain signed paperwork and the acquisition of medical and criminal records. The company then reviews all the presented documentation for consistency with the information presented at the time of application, then makes a decision as to whether or not to pay the claim. These types of investigations are very common and are standard procedure based on dates of application/reinstatement and death.

* Foreign Death Investigation - This type of investigation occurs when an insured person dies outside of US borders. In this circumstance it is common for the insurance company to require a full foreign death investigation before paying benefits. Often times the beneficiary thinks that presenting a death certificate is sufficient. Actually verifying a death in a foreign country requires multiple documents and contacts to the foreign country to verify specific information. It is also worth noting that in this circumstance, if the insured was a US Citizen who died abroad, the family should report the death to the US Embassy in that country to obtain a Report of Death of an American Citizen Abroad.

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Q: When someone dies what warrants an insurance investigation and what is involved in an investigation?
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