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Q: When someone drive across the red light?
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What colour of light would drive photosynthesis at the highest rate red blue or green?

blue light

Should you let your computer run when the red light is on?

It depends on which red light. If it is the hard drive light, then you shouldn't interrupt it unless the computer is hung.

What two colors of light drive most photosynthesis?

Red and Blue light is absorbed by chlorophyll, the pigment that transforms light energy into chemical energy in photosynthesis, so that the light that is reflected off leaves appears green.

What does a red light mean on a PC?

Whenever hard dRIVE is used, it blinks. It shows running of hard drive.

What does a steady red cross on a traffic light mean?

You cannot drive in this lane.

Which color light indicates towing?

Red lights indicate that someone in towing something. They could be blinking or just a red light.

What is the only automobile that can drive through a red light in England?

All emergency vehicles can run a red light without penalty if on an emergency at the time. All other traffic including cycles must stop at the red light.

What color is the laser beam in a DVD drive?

Red - its 650 nanometer wavelength puts it squarely in the middle of the visible light's red spectrum.

Can you help Identify light on dashboard of 2001 saturn300Lseries4doorsedan says security next to a red square box with cap on top red arrow going down middle with wavey red line going across mean?

The red security light on the dashboard of your 2001 Saturn 300 L series indicates that the security alarm system has been disabled. When the security system has been disabled your car alarm will not sound when someone touches it.

Is there a red light district in Nordenham Germany?

With a population of 27,000 Nordenham is rather small and may well not have a red light district, despite being a port. You could try Bremerhaven across the River Weser.

Red stop light on Renault laguna has come on with tire sensor how do you turn them off?

Check your tyre pressure is correct then drive for about a few minutes after that the red stop light and sensor should go out.

Is it dangerous to have the red skid marks light on?

That light is telling you the electronic stability control isn't working. Drive very carefully to the dealer and have this checked.