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Earths core

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Q: When standing at sea level which are you nearer to the earths core or the Moon's surface?
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Are you closer to the earths core or moons surface when standing at sea level?

The Earths core.

When standing at sea level are you closer to the moons surface or the earths core?

Earth's core

How much more is Earths surface of gravity than the Moon's?

Earths surface of gravity is 4.6m/s2 more than moons.

When you are you closer to the Moon's surface or the earths core?

None, only the earths core is more closer, the moons surface is 37.000 Vertices from earth

The path of the moons shadow across the earths surface is called?

Path of Totality

What is the path of the moons shadow across the earths surface?

darkness is the path of the moon shadow across the earth surface

What is the force of gravity on the moons surface compared to the force of gravity on earths surface?

The Moon has 1/6th the pull of Earth's gravity.

What is a solar eclipse that occurs when the moons umbra reaches earths surface called?

A TOTAL Solar Eclipse.

How much of the moons surface can be seen from the earths surface when full?

The Moon is roughly spherical; weather permitting, we see the near half of the Moon.

Earths number of moons?

Earths number of moons are one. it's Latin name is Luna.

How does moons gravity compared to the earths?

Gravity at the surface of the moon is roughly equal to 1/6th of that of earth's gravity.

What is the gravity on the moon lo?

About 0.183g, where one g is the earths gravity, so about one fifth of the earths gravity. It is similar to our own moons surface gravity.

How many moons does the moon have?

the Luna (Earths moon) has no moons.

Why are more craters present on the moons surface than on earths?

because the moon does not have a equater like the earth to protact it self ;)

Is there a hole in the moon's surface?

the holes in the moons surface are where astroids hit the moons surface

Is Pluto smaller the Earths moons?

Yes as Pluto is the smallest and the last planet in the solar system, it is smaller then the earths moons.

What is the compare of the earth and the moon in terms of size and surface gravity?

earth is 81.3 times the mass of the moon . acceleration due to gravity at earths surface = 9.82 (m/s)/s acceleration due to gravity at moons surface = 1.62 (m/s)/s . 1 kg at earths surface, force = 1 * 9.82 = 9.82 newtons 1 kg at moons surface, force = 1 * 1.62 = 1.62 newtons

What is the moons gravitational pull compared to earth?

the moons gravitational pull is about 1/10 that of earth. that is why astronauts weigh so little on it. > Standing the same distance from each, with the same mass, the force due to gravity of earth is approx 81 times that of the moon, which incidentally, is also the mass of the earth compared to the moon. > The comparison of gravity on the surface of each: 1 kg mass on the earths surface = 1 kg force / weight 1 kg mass on the moons surface = 1/6 kg force / weight

What are earths moons names?

The Moon Lunar

What is the moons gravity?

1/6 that of earths

What is th earths moons called?

The Moon

Are mars moons larger than the earths?


Why is the gravity experienced on the moons surface so much less than that experienced on earths surface?

how the hell im gon answer it an io asked u wt type uf bs is that

How does the moons diameter compare to the distance between the earth and moon?

The moons distance from Earths centre varies during its orbit, from around 405,696 km or 252,088 miles at its furthest (Apogee) to 363,104 km or 225,622 miles at its closest (Perigee). Our moons average distance from the Earth is 384,399 km (238,854 miles) on average. The diameter of the moon is 3474km, so you can fit just over 108 moon's between the Earths surface and the moons surface when its at its average distance from earth.

What two ways earths moon is different from other moons in the solar system?

the earths moon is one of the largest and earths moon is made of solid rock where as other moons are made of ice