When start the cold war?

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The cold war didn't have a specific start or ending time but if i had to give one I'd say that it started right after WWII (1945) and ended in the early 90's, probably 1991, the fall of the Soviet Union.
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What events started and ended the Cold War?

RESPONSE 1 Stalin started the Cold War by invading Poland and reneging on his promise to allow free elections there. This was followed by Soviet occupation of much of the rest of Eastern Europe, as well as aiding communist expansion in Asia. . RESPONSE 2 Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War by fo ( Full Answer )

When did the Cold War start?

The beginning of the Cold War could be traced back to Churchill's use of the term "Iron Curtain", on 3 May 1946. This came to symbolise the beginning of the Cold War because it was the period marked by political tension and military rivalry, stopping just short of escalating into full-scale war, bet ( Full Answer )

What started the Cold War?

Cold War . It arose out of the clash of ideologies and interests of the two main winners of WW2 - the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. (and their allies in both cases).\n. \nAn important early incident that brought the tensions very close to the boil was the Soviet blockade of the three Western Sectors of ( Full Answer )

Who started the Cold War?

No individual or country started the Cold War. It was opposing political views between the East and West after the second world war. Both sides believed the other was bent on domination

How was the cold war started?

It was mainly because the existence of nuclear weapons. That was why the conflict stayed a 'cold war'; both sides tried to undermine and destroy each other, but they dared not let it go to actual fighting - that would have destroyed them. So they would compete in almost everything By AD9410(henry11 ( Full Answer )

When did the cold war start and end?

The beginning of the Cold War could be traced back to Churchill's use of the term "Iron Curtain", on 3 May 1946. This came to symbolise the beginning of the Cold War because it was the period marked by political tension and military rivalry, stopping just short of escalating into full-scale war, bet ( Full Answer )

How did the Cold War start?

One of the reasons that the cold war started was nuclear weapons. When two countries both have that much destructive power, they begin to wonder if they trust that sort of power in the other country's hands. Ideological differences were another big reason... the US hated Communism, and the USSR h ( Full Answer )

Why did the Cold War start?

The cold war, an ideological conflict between Communist andnon-Communist countries, started after World War II (1939-45) whenthe Allies (United States, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union)disagreed over how to govern occupied Germany. Although the SovietUnion and the Western Allies were supposed t ( Full Answer )

What events started the Cold War?

The Traditional View At first, western writers blamed Russia. They said Stalin was trying to build up a Soviet empire. The Revisionist View Later, however, some western historians blamed America. They said Truman had not understood how much Russia had suffered in the Second World War. The P ( Full Answer )

Did the great deprssion start after the cold war?

The great depression was started by the stockmarket crash of 1929 in the US, resulting in the 1930's depression. The cold war began as a result of nuclear weapons, the first of which was detonated in combat in August 1945. Consequently, the cold war began in 1945.. WWII brought the US OUT OF THE DE ( Full Answer )

How did the arms race during the cold war start?

when the usa and the soviet union both wanted more power.. While the above answer is correct, the arms race started when the United States launched the first ever Atom bomb. With this and the end of WWII, there were increased tensions between the US and the USSR because of acts during negotiating w ( Full Answer )

Where the cold war started and ended?

The Cold War (1945-1991) began in Berlin,Germany just when the Berlin Airlift began. The Cold War ended in Moscow,Russia when President Gorbachev declared Russia a free country.

How did the Berlin blockade contribute to the start of the cold war?

it increased the tension between the USSR and the West as both parties showed through the Berlin Blockade that they were firm on their stand. Stalin would not lift the blockade until Berlin was under the full control of the USSR and the USA would not stop flying supplies into Berlin until the blocka ( Full Answer )

When Cold war started and ended?

Arising out of important political, economic, and moral differencesbetween the Soviet Union and the United States (and other nationsassociated with each), the Cold War's precise beginning isdiversely identifiable. It may be seen as occurring at some pointduring World War II itself, in the first seve ( Full Answer )

How did nationalism start the cold war?

Nationalism may have been responsible for WW2, in which Germany, Italy, and Japan promoted themselves as conquerors. But the Communist Nations of the Cold War didn't neccessarily promote THEIR own countries, as much as they did the "Comrade" bit..."Communism.". For US GI's fighting in Korea or Viet ( Full Answer )

Did Britain and France start the cold war in Europe?

Britain and France were in ruins immediately after WW2 ended in 1945, which is when the cold war began. The US and USSR were the "big boys" on the block; and they had the face off (stand-off), commencing at the East/West Berlin line.

Who was responsible for starting the cold war in Korea?

Korea was a hot war. Cold war means no gunfire. No deaths. A hot war is a shooting war...deaths.. Korea was part of the cold war. One "hot" battle of a cold war.. It started when the Communist North Koreans INVADED the free South Korean Republic in 1950.. Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union urged t ( Full Answer )

When was the start of the Cold War?

When the first nuclear weapons were detonated in August 1945, the cold war began.. Atomic weapons created the cold war.. Without atomic weapons there would have been NO cold war.

How did Stalin start the cold war?

When he and America began racing for weapons devlopment, and also fought in Korea during the Korean War.

Where did the cold war first start?

The Cold War began as World War II was ending. American leaders saw the power and ambitions of the Soviet Union as a threat to our national security. The Cold War was a war of words and ideologies rather than a shooting war, although at times the Cold War turned “hot” as in Korea and Vietn ( Full Answer )

What is the exact date the cold war started?

It lasted officially from September 2, 1945 according to U.S. Federal Law, (the date the Japanese formally surrendered thus marking the end of World War II) to December 26, 1991 (the date of the formal dissolution of the Soviet Union).. May 1, 2003 is the cold war victory day.

Did the atomic bomb start the cold war?

There are three main answers to this question. . The first is that the atomic bomb was used for mainly military purposes to end the second world war quickly. Many believed it would be better and would save more American lives. . The second is that the bomb was used to scare the Soviets and show t ( Full Answer )

Did the people that started Cold War go to jail?

No, they did not go to jail. It would be hard to narrow down responsibility to a few people. While the leaders of the US and the Soviet Union certainly didn't help, the angst and paranoia was caused by millions of people thinking the same way..

How did Churchill iron curtain speech start the cold war?

It didn't. The Soviets were already distancing themselves from the west. It would be good to get an Eastern perspective on this: I just don't see it happening. The Cold War arose from the ashes of WW2, why is quite another question....

How did the Cold War start in the 1960's?

It didn't start in the 1960's. The Cold War began in the 1940's, an after effect on of the peace settlement of World War 2. The Cuban Missile Crisis, a key event of the Cold War occurred in 1961..

Over what country did the Cold War start?

The primary focus was on Germany. After World War 2, the US and Russia split responsibility for policing the remains of the 3rd Reich. That division was key in splitting the globe into two major factions..

When the did the cold war start?

There was never actual cold war, however it is said that it all began between America and USSR on Cuban ground.. last year

Explain how the cold war started?

President Truman, a man not fond of Communism, hinted at and essentially teased Stalin over the US's possession of Nuclear Weapons (this is prior to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki). When Stalin asked for a working bomb, or even just the plans: Truman refused. After World War II ended, relati ( Full Answer )

Did the cold war start in 1946?

The exact date of the start is debated upon. However, the common agreement is that i started at the Yalta Conference between US, USSR and the UK. The Yalta conference was in August 1945.

Why did cold war start super powers?

I think you are getting it back the front. After World War Two there were two major world powers - the USA and the Soviet Union. Both had been very distrustful of each other before the war, but were allies during the war due to a common enemy. In the post war era both sides went back to their mutu ( Full Answer )

How could it be argued that Winston Churchill started the Cold War?

He made several secret agreements with Stalin in Yalta, dividing Europe between themselves (namely, the continent was to have two spheres of influence; one supervised by USSR, and the other by the UK and France). He is the one who decided which countries should be allowed to become Communist in "fre ( Full Answer )

Why were both sides in the cold war hesitant to start the war?

It was pretty much straight after WW2 and no one really wanted to get back into another one. THE MANE REASON is because nuclear weapons was now introduced with both sides neither wanting to be blown to shreds. America at one point was on DefCom2 which is one level away from NUCLEAR WAR! It was a war ( Full Answer )

How do you start The Cold War' in RuneScape?

To start cold war, you will need to have: 10 Hunter 34 Construction (Can use boosts) 30 Crafting 30 Agility 15 Theiving You can start the quest by talking to Larry in Ardougne Zoo, he is near the penguin's cage.

Why were both sides in the cold war eager to start a war?

Both USSR and USA came out of WWII very rich and very powerful. The problem was the difference in ideology. The USSR were a Communist Country and the US were a capitalist country. Both of which wanted to push their Ideology on the other. Therefore, creating tension. This effectively starting the C ( Full Answer )

Who started communist in the cold war?

it was when john cena was at summer slam doin his finisher move he fell makin communist spread worldwide in your mom Q box area

What is cold war When did it start?

The cold war was a period of tension between the two major worldnations (U.S. and the Soviet Union) each wanting to dominate theworld scene and each having enough nuclear weapons to utterlydestroy the other. Since a war between them would result inmutually assured destruction they would not engage i ( Full Answer )

Three reasons why the Cold War started?

tensions after WW2, since US had the bomb and they didn't,disagreements on how to run divided areas like Germany, USSRsecrecy like unknown troop nos adding to fear

Why was the cold war started and who were the major rivals?

The cold war actually began in the last years of World War 2 as itslowly became clear to the western nations (especially the UnitedStates) that the postwar interests of the communist USSR wouldprobably be in conflict with their interests (especially underStalin). The main rival countries in the cold ( Full Answer )