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It is perfectly possible to go riding at night safely depending on the location you are intending to ride and whether you know the area or not. If you do ride at night, make sure you take a mobile telephone and that there is coverage wherever you are going, take a first aid kit both for yourself and the horse in case of accidents. Wear fluorescent clothes and a fluroescent pad on the horse. If necessary you can wear a light on your helmet. Preferably ride in a group, not alone - this is equally important during the day. It is best to choose a clear night with a fuller moon as the nights are brighter and the horse and you will be able to see better. Also take a good ordinance survey map.

Night rides are often extremely enjoyable and greatly develop the bonding between horse and rider, however you must have complete trust in your horse and he/she in you, do not go out on a night ride with a young, inexperienced or unknown horse.
a lot of things could scare the horse easily, so comfort it every once in a while, and if it starts getting scared, stroke it gently, and give it a sugar cube or a carrot. and then walk your horse home slowly.
flashlight tack(saddle and bridle etc.) phone/walkie talkie a buddy high visor wear
you need to wear a fluressant belt and you need to take a torch with you
a floresent jaket is essential! and a torch above is essentil however u can get floresant boots, reins things, tail things, hat things etc, u should also have a phone on u and make sure u know where ur going and some1 else does 2
A reflector and a light, so the persons on the road can see you claerly.

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Q: When taking your horse for a night ride what should you bring?
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