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I believe whoever has the title or if the title is still in your name, then yes you may take the car back. You may want to ask for sheriff back-up if there are any problems. Or just key the ignition and take-off, if you can. Some state laws may differ.

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Q: When the buyer of a car that was sold without a written contract stops making payments can the car be repossessed if the title is still in the seller's name?
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Could a vehicle be repossessed without a written contract?

potentially, yes; consult a lawyer

If a contract was signed in Chicago IL can the car be repossessed in any state?

Yes, your car can be repossessed in any state if your contract was signed in Chicago. You can not move to a different state and keep your car without paying for it.

Can a car creditor who repossessed a car take money out of your bank without permission?

No one can take money out of your account without a court order. The exception being payments to the bank itself for administration purposes or penalties. These, however, would be set out in the initial contract.

What is the right to cure law?

check it out! There are different laws in different states. The ones I am familiar with send the right to cure letter the first time the payment is 45 days late. It states that you may continue the contract if you make up the delinquent payments within 20 days. If you do not make these payments, the car can be repossessed on the 21st day. If you do make the payments and reinstate the contract, the car may be repossessed anytime you are in default - and that means even one day late - without giving you any additional notice.

Can a car be repossessed in California without a lien being placed on the title?

IF the loan is perfected, it can be repossessed. If you have signed a loan contract with the vehicle specified as collateral for that loan, it can be reepossessed if the loan is in default.

In S.C. what is the length of time without a payment can a car be repossessed?

The time your contract says. If once a week or once a month. Read the contract or bend over.

Will your car still be repossessed if you are late two or three payments but pay up to date after you get the default letter?

Read that letter carefully. The one that I am most familiar with clearly states that you have 20 days to make any past due payments and if they are paid you may continue with the original contract, BUT if you become delinquent again, they may exercise their rights without giving you any additional notice. That means from now on you had better not miss any payments, not even by one day, or your car could be repossessed.

How many days late on car payment before it can be repo?

The length of time that a car payment can be late without being repossessed will depend on the bank or car dealers agreements. Payments made after a month may be in jeopardy of being repossessed.

Car was repossessed with no letter of intent sent no notice of actionwas law violated?

Your car can be repossessed at any time without any warning if you aren't making your payments. It is probably in your paperwork in the fine print what happens when you don't make your payment.

Can a horse trailer bought on contract between private parties in Texas be repossessed without using court procedure when the payments have not been made for three weeks.?

Only if there is a "Right To Repossess" document or a contract that states a "time sensitive" payment schedule. Without either, repossession is next to impossible without a Civil Court hearing! Y-THINK-Y * Yes, Texas Business and Commerce Code Right To Possession Without Breach of Peace using non-judicial means, (Chapter 9, Section 9.503).

Can your car be repossessed if there is not a lien on your car you were not behind on your payments?

If you have no lien on your vehicle then no one has a legal right to repossess it. If you're not behind on the payments there would be no reason for the lender to reprocess the car in the first place. It is hard to believe you have a loan on a car without a lien. The car stands behind the loan. If there's no lien on the vehicle then the car is not involved in the loan and cannot be repossessed.

If you live in Virginia and you are behind on your car payments can the car be repossessed without any type of court order?

YES, very much so. If you cant get out of default, get your stuff out of the car.

Is a cosigner liable for the balance of a repossessed vehicle if the loan company auctioned it without notifying them?

READ your contract you signed. Call a local attorney for state specific legal advice.

Can a vehicle be repossessed in the commonwealth of Virginia without any type of written or verbal notification because you are one payment behind on a note you've paid 45 of the total 50 payments?

Yes. Once you have forfeited on the contract, it is void. The lender at that point can legally expect payment in full. Toward that end, they may take the vehicle and sell it to pay a portion of the balance.

How much is a tmobile behold without a contract?

it is 399.99 without a contract

What can you do legally if your camper has been repossessed without anyone notifying you?

Very little ! If you default on the payments, the finance company are quite within their rights to confiscate the vehicle. The camper does not become your property until you have made the final payment !

What to do if people missed sixteen days on a payment of a truck that they took payments over from a family member and then they repossess it without motifying you?

Well, a vehicle can be repossessed with no notification, so there's not much you can do about that. If the payments were taken over by family members, it's assumed the first family member was aware someone else would be paying for the truck and so is still responsible to see that the payments are made.

Where might one purchase a new Sony Ericsson without a contract?

One of the best places to look for a new Sony Ericsson without a contract would be from Amazon. One could also try Ebay. For both, a buyer should be careful for buying from well-reviewed sellers, to ensure they are getting a working, legitimate phone.

Can a vehicle that is without a lienholder be repossessed by a company before a lien is filed?


Can someone under eighteen make car payments?

yes, but you cannot sign a contract (so, you cannot buy a car from a dealer, or used car dealer without your parent).

How long can you go without car payments before they repossess it?

Three payments

A contract without legal effect is?

a voidable contract

How much is a iPhone 4S without a contract?

An IPhone 4s without a contract is $600.00 or $650.00

If you are unemployed drawing unemployment insurance and your vehicle is repossessed can the lender go after home and property you own in order to receive the balance of the vehicle?

NO! Not without a court order granting them that action. Taking anything that was not covered in the contract would be conversion.

As a cosigner can you have a vehicle repossessed without affecting the cosigner credit rating?