When the washing machine drains the soap suds come up through the bathroom toilet why?


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The drain is getting plugged and the toilet is lower than the washing machine drain so it is easier for the water to come up in the toilet than to go straight out the drain. Put some drain cleaner down the drain where the washing machine drains and that may solve the problem.

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what would be needed to drain a washing machine up from a basement? We have power and water, as the water heater is in the basement, but the drains are about five feet up.

This is most likely caused by a lack of venting on either your washing machine drain or sink. The gurgling noise you hear is actually air getting drawn through the water in the sinks trap as the washing machine water drains past the sink drain. Both the sink and washing machine should be checked for venting issues by a licensed plumber.

Because the washing machine drains down the same main drain and it's suction as it goes by is trying to suck the water out of the under sink U trap.

You can drain it directly into a drain pipe. Just make sure the the top of the drain pipe is even with the top of the washing machine. If not, the water from the washing machine will drain all of the time. There is no valve in the machine to stop the water from draining. The washing machine drains using a pump motor.

It might be plumbed wrong -- or either your sewer is stoping up --

The washing machine works by filling with water and rotating. The operator has to put in soap, bleach and softener. The washer agitates, then spins, then fills with water, then rinses by agitating, then drains again by spinning.

your drain has a restriction in line and needs to be snaked

What makes a bathroom drain smell, soap makes a bathroom drain smell

Yes you could, but it's usually not allowed by plumbing codes. Another point: Sometimes in Britain the outlet from a washing machine is joined to the under sink waste. I lived in a house with this arrangement once, and every time the washing machine was on you got bad smells from the drains, so I wouldn't recommend it.

Drain on the dial of a washing machine usually just means it drains the water out that is currently sat in the bottom of the machine allowing the door to be opened or to become empty

Bathroom fixtures that start with the letter d:drainsdrawers

Washing machine drains into a floor drain? The drain need cleaning. Liquid drain cleaner may do it, or it may need to be snaked. Simple fix is to get a 30 gallon trash can, cut a small hole in the bottom, the size of a quarter and set it over the drain. Let the washer drain into that. The small hole will let the water drain at a rate that the floor drain can handle it.

If you have septic and leachfield either your septic tank is full or you have a plugged pipe or leach field. Call ana septic company or excavator. If you have public sewer call municipality. Only other quess would be if washing machine goes into a drywell which is not draining.

You didn't mention if you were hand washing some of your clothes, or, you were washing them in the machine. If you are washing them in the washing machine then you are using too much soap. I use liquid soaps instead of powdered. I often find that powdered soap can stick to clothing sometimes and also clog up the hoses and drains faster. If you are hand washing then use a gentle detergent such as ivory or even baby soaps and let soak, drain out the soap water and replace with tepid to cool water (cold water gets suds out faster) then place your item you are hand washing on a thick towel (lay flat) and roll the towel up to get excess water out and then place the item on another towel that is dry and let air dry. When using your washing machine you should put in a box of baking soda and put through a cycle (you can also use some Dawn dish soap that cuts grease) and put your washing machine through a full cycle to prevent clog build up from soaps. I do this every 2 months.

Look for a plugged pipe vent (if u have any) or run a pipe snake down either line. You may have a partial clog just downstream of the "Y" that drain both.

it might be a clogged vent pipe, look at it first, if some think was added or changed in a remodel and its not plumbed in or vented right.

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Depends how it is pumbed. All a P or S trap does is stop the smell of the drains getting back into the house. The P is best because it has less resistance to flow.

Decide if it is feasable. Are there drains already in place ? Does the existing main drain go through the floor or out the wall. If it's out the wall, you would need to install a pump for the sewage. If it is through the floor, you will have to bust out a section of the floor to install drains if none exist. Fairly expensive and labor intense. so you have to ask if it is worth it. After the drains are dealt with, it is just a matter of walls, plumbing, and fixtures.

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That often happens if they both drain into the same pipe. Main thing to watch is that you DON'T dump food scraps down the sink, or it may plug the pipe and then prevent the washer from draining.

There are multiple reasons why your washing machine might not drain. The drain line could be clogged with debris or even clothing, the pump pulley could be frozen, or the pipe that the washer drains into could be clogged.

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