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Q: When this group was unable to maintain control they were driven from power by leaders called what?
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Why do you need process control when you have control system?

In today's automated environment with existence of ERP like SAP, Oracle etc. systems are now more control driven along with SOD. Though at the same time process is driven by execution in system which is driven by people. There are still manual intervention and output variation amongst people. To improve process effectiveness ahead of efficiency for an activity and to maintain consistencies, there is a need to put process control thereby defining one way of execution leading to one output in controlled and SOD environment.

What is a traction control system for?

A traction control system is an anti lock braking system, designed to prevent less traction of driven wheeled vehicles. It is also called an anti slip regulation.

What is quality control in textiles?

Its a process and procedure driven function for the purchase of the raw materials right through to the output of the end product all of which are set to maintain high standards of product and lean production cost

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menu-driven, command-driven and icon-driven

What is the techno song in the movie Driven that is not on the soundtrack?

out of control by the chemical brothers

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Synchronous generators are traditionally driven at a constant speed to maintain the fixed frequency of the generated electricity. However, with advancements in power electronics and control systems, it is possible to drive a synchronous generator at variable speeds by using technologies like electronic converters to adjust the frequency of the output power to match the grid.

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A pointed wooden stick that driven into the ground is a machine that have a pointed wooden thing that can driven into the ground it is a machine.

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Not used. It is driven by the PCM

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Yes, the Jeep Patriot can be driven off-road if you opt in for the Freedom Drive package. It has off-road features such as brake traction control, off-road mode, and hill descent control.

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Keep clear... The power driven vessel should, if possible, maintain course and speed. The only rule for overtaking is that you keep your distance while overtaking