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When two ocean plates pull apart it is called what?


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Separating or divergent


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Tectonic plates do pull apart in the middle of the ocean. These divergent plates form what is known as the Mid-Atlantic ridge.

When to plates pull apart on the ocean floor it's called "Tectonic Plate Drift or, "Contenetial Drift." This allows countries to move centimeters every year in any direction the plate travel. Sometimes the plates rub and can cause earthquakes ,volcanos or tsunamis.

The process called plate tectonics is responsible for plates pulling apart. Over time, and with the combination of carbon dioxide, erosion, and force, plates are able to pull apart. This will eventually cause some plates to separate from one another.

Rift Volcano forms when plates pull apart.

When there is a divergent boundary, regardless if the plates are ocean-ocean or continental-continental, tensional stress pulls on the crust. Rocks have weaker tensional strength than compressive strength, so they are easier to pull apart.

rift valley Answer 2 Continents are formed when continental plates pull apart.

All the time! They pull apart due to the Earths movement.

It is called Divergent Boundary, a tectonic plate boundary. Hope This Helps

It creates a mid ocean ridge, the two plates pulling apart is called a divergent boundary.

Midocean Ridge - Underwater Mountains! A mountain chain on the ocean floor that forms where tectonic plates pull apart.

Hi when to plates pul apart under the ocean its called tectonic plate drift or contenetial drift.This allows countries to moves centimetres evvey year in any direction the plate travels.sometimes the plates rub and can cause earthquakes ,volcanos or tsunamis.

Divergent plate boundaries form once two plates begin to pull apart from each other.

The stress that occurs when two tectonic plates pull apart from each other is tension force.

Tectonic plates have been pulling apart forever. At least all the time the earth has been around.

It forms at a plate boundary. It deepens as the plates pull apart.

The movement of tectonic plates in opposite directions is referred to as a divergent boundary.

LavaAt divergent boundaries when plates pull apart magma rises up and fills the void. Convection cells in the mantle provide the magma which rises up at the divergent boundaries.

Divergent Pull Ex.<--_-->

Where two oceanic plates pull apart.

Subduction is a process that occurs when two oceanic plates pull apart

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