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It depends on the application of the vehicle. Go to for complete answer and information on fluid changes

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2009-06-09 11:40:25
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Q: When using TranSynd how many miles between fluid changes should I go?
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What automatic transmission fluid should be in a 96 ford dump truck with an Allison transmission?

Allison Transynd

What trans fluid does a 2005 Chevy 3500 with an Allison take?

Use TranSynd licensed by Dextron 3 product

Should you change the transmission fluid or just add to it?

You should always change the transmission fluid according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. However, it is perfectly fine to add fluid as needed between changes.

What kind of transmission fluid is used in the Allison transmission for Chevy duramax?

what type automatic transmission fluid for Allison at 545 ? I would suggest using Allison Transynd, "synthetic fluid" allisontech

What fuild does the Allison transmission take?

I would highly suggest Allison Transynd synthetic fluid, For all on highway models. allisontech

What type transmission fluid in Allison at545 transmission?

Basic fluid would be Dextron,I would recomend TranSynd synthetic though,available at any Allison dealer. Allisontech

Differentiate between compressible fluid flow and Incompressible fluid flow?

if the density of the fluid changes with respect to pressure is called compressible fluid f the density of the fluid does not changes with respect to pressure is called incompressible fluid

How much fluidin a Allison Transmission hd4060p?

Initial fill of an Allison HD4060P should be around 45 quarts (U.S.) Be aware that 2005 and newer models require synthetic fluid "transynd". The specification for this fluid is known as TES 295. If you are changing the fluid & filters via drainplug, the refill amount is around 25 quarts. (add 20 quarts, then look for fluid on the dipstick, adding more as needed). If you doing a filter only change &using synthetic fluid, the amount of fluid required to top off the unit is around 10 quarts. An important item to note- transynd fluid turns yellow in color rather quickly & this does not mean the fluid needs changing- Synthetic fluid change interval is based on mileage and hours.

Can you use Castrol Transynd trans fluid instead of Dextron III?

Yes, it is compatible with Dextron III. It is a superior product the the regular Dexron III.. I run it in all of my auto's.

What is the difference between a compressible fluid and an incompressible fluid?

The density of a compressible fluid changes with pressure, while the density of an incompressible fluid is not affected by pressure (assuming isothermal conditions).

What is oligohydramnios?

low amniotic fluid. You should have between 10-20cm of fluid. Less than that can be considered oligohydramnios

What is fluid shift?

Fluid shift is the transfer of fluid from blood to interstitial fluid (IF). This transfer changes blood and IF volumes.

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