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Yes, it certainly could be.

See a doctor immediately.

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Q: When using the restroom i noticed that when i touched my vagina it was light yellow brownish and it stung...could this be a problem or disease?
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Parkinson's disease causes a trembling of the arms and hands and is commonly noticed in children before their teen years?

Parkinson's disease causes a trembling of the arms and hands and is commonly noticed in children before their teen years.

My period came ten days early and this has never happened before A few days before I noticed a brownish-red spot in my underwear but the next day nothing Could I be pregnant?


Is jaundice seen in every patient that has liver disease?

Jaundice is not seen in every person with liver disease and it is not always the first symptom noticed. Other symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and back pain might be noticed first. Any of these symptoms should be brought to the attention of your physician.

What is Kennedy syndrome?

Kennedy's Disease is a rare, incurable and X-linked recessive genetic disease. Muscle weakness and wasting are noticed throughout the body and is most noticeable in the arms and legs.

You saw some brown spotting on day 25 of your cycle and then you had some thick white discharge the next daycould this be pregnancy?

I am in the same boat. I had some brownish discharge yesterday and today morning, but this evening noticed a white discharge.

Is parkinsons disease noticed in children before their teens?

No. Parkinson's disease is a disease of the elderly. The average age of onset is about 60 years of age with only about 10% being before 50. As far as I know, nobody has been diagnosed with true parkinson's before the age of 20.

State the germ theory of disease?

The germ theory purports that microscopic germs act as agents of disease. This theory was made after a doctor noticed the high rate of infection caused by doctors delivering babies after touching cadavers and not washing their hands.

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How did Ignaz Semmelweis change the way you look at disease?

Semmelweis noticed that the death rates in mothers during pregnancy was unusually high. He noticed that the doctors in his hospital were going straight from examining diseased dead bodies in the morgue to delivering babies, and thought that perhaps this meant that they were transferring disease from the corpses to the mothers. He suggested that all doctors thoroughly wash their hands between patients, and almost immediately the death rate fell. This was the first time that the idea of infectious disease (passing disease via a pathogenic medium, i.e. bacteria and viruses) was considered. before this, contracting diseases was put down to chance.

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