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Walking during the day means that your body must use more energy to keep you cool, since your body won't need to cool you as much during the night you'll burn slightly more energy during the day. The same goes for cold, the colder the more energy goes to heating you up. Also, walking during the day is better for your eyes, since when walking at night you have to deal with the sharp contrast between the darkness of night and the brightness of city lights. If you're walking to build muscle you probably won't notice any difference, if you're walking for cardio reasons go during the day, the heat will cause you to use more energy and will (psychologically) give you the will to even be out there. Honestly, there's not really any differences other then really minute ones. Walk when it's convenient, but do it regularly. Try to walk at the same times every day/night.

2004-08-04 02:28:37
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When do you see muscle development in your body Directly during workout or after?

You will see muscle development after exercise, not during.

What is the parts of the body that is mostly active during exercise?

the lungs (or if muscle workout, the limb in question)

Exercise during pregnancy?

Exercise is very important for pregnant women to relieve stress, and build more stamina. You can do mild exercise during pregnancy such as brisk walking, low-impact aerobics, swimming is also a good exercise.

Is it better to ingest protein before or after a workout?

After. Your body will use the protein you gain afterwards to reheal your body from the damage you did during the workout.

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

It is better for both you and the child if you exercise regularly during pregnancy. Consult your physician for specifics.

Is walking bad during the first month of pregnancy?

No, exercise is good and important throughout the pregnancy.

What if the heart rate is 110 during exercise for a 49 year old woman?

That'd be a fairly low-intensity workout.

Why does exercise make you warmer?

Vigorous exercise boosts your body's heat production and can increase ... Sweating helps to cool you during a vigorous workout. ... As your muscles warm up during your workout, blood circulating ... In hot, humid weather, your body is less able to dissipate excess heat, making overheating more of a risk.

How many calories are burnt during the Kendall boot camp workout on exercise TV?

It depends on how hard you work during the workout,, i've used my heart rate monitor and i burned 400 calories.. so it depends on how hard you really push yourself during the video.

During the 200 meters shannon will be working anaerobically.?

any kind of workout you do that involves heavy breathing is called aerobic...anaerobic means the workout has nothing to do with running walking or jumping ect.. ect...

How does Elliptical Exercise Equipment help a person?

Elliptical exercise machines are beneficial for a total body workout that is low impact. Since the user's feet do not leave the foot pads during the workout, there is very little impact placed on the joints. Elliptical exercise machines also burn calories quicker than other workout machines as the user is using both their arms and legs at the same time.

Is it better to exercise before eating or after eating?

It is better if you eat before because when you exercise you just burn the fat right off.You should eat a small snack for fuel, like a apple or protein bar. By the time you drive to the gym you will be ready to work out. After your workout you will be hungry, so eat something when you get home. But don't forget to drink lots of water during your workout because your body especially your muscles need that H20. Just eat right.

Can you exercise during early pregnancy?

Low impact exercise, Yoga, Tai-Chi, walking, swimming etc is ok. It is important for both you and for the baby for you to maintain fitness and flexibility during pregnancy. But never do excessive exercise or else you might risk your fetus. Take moderation exercise.

Does the breathing muscle tire quickly during exercise?

The muscle used for breathing is the diaphragm, and no it does not tire easily (if it did a person could die from lack of oxygen from a simple workout). However, it CAN cramp up during exercise if one breathes too fast.

What causes pain and fatigue in muscles when exercise?

When you are exercising you are tearing muscle fibers. When they heal it is what makes you stronger. That is the pain you feel during and after. When you exercise you become fatigue, just rest up for the next workout.

What does intra workout mean?

Intra workout is using a workout supplement during workout Pre Intra Post

Walk At Home Workout?

Walk At Home WorkoutThe Walk-at-Home Workout benefits all members of the family including kids and grandparents. Also known as the "Family Walk," this routine can be performed at home and involves walking in place for approximately 30 minutes while engaging in various moves that increase the effectiveness of the workout.Aerobic exercise involves continuous movement, which burns more calories while shedding body fat. Just 30 minutes of the workout is equivalent to walking two miles outdoors. However, more muscles are used during the Walk-at-Home Workout than traditional walking. Some of the movements in the workout include:Walking in placeKickingKnee liftsSide stepsArm reachesIn addition, each move in the workout increases in range and speed over time. Uninterrupted movement during the workout increases the heart rate, which brings in more oxygen to replenish and repair the body. Walking for 30 minutes a day can help anyone achieve a toned figure while improving heart and cardiovascular health. The Warm-upBefore engaging in the workout, slowly walk in place. Introduce the body to the movement, and allow it to get used to the pace. Breathe normally throughout the warm-up, allowing more oxygen into the body before the next phase begins. Walking slowly stretches the muscles and prevents injury from occurring over the remaining 30 minutes.Speed UpOver the 30-minute Walk-at-Home Workout, every muscle in the body is engaged in physical activity. The lower body works continuously through kicks, side steps and knee lifts, while arm reaches and swings work the upper body. Each leg movement tones calf and thigh muscles, while twists and stretches tone the waist. Bringing in the belly tightens the core and straightens the spine during the exercise, improving upper body posture.Increase the WorkoutAdding two-pound hand weights during the exercise increases the workout even more. Adding weights burns additional calories while toning the underlying arm muscle. Keep evolving from one move to the next without taking a break in between routines; when thirsty, continue to walk in place while drinking.The Cool-downDo not halt the workout suddenly; instead, slow the walking pace gradually. Introduce more oxygen into the body by breathing deeply. Allow the heart rate to return to normal before continuing on with another activity.Walking is a cheap and effective way to burn calories, lose weight and increase cardiovascular health. No gym membership is required to enjoy the fun and health benefits of the Walk-at-Home Workout.

Eat before or after a workout?

I would eat something small before my workout which would boost my energy and help me get a better results during my workout. I would also eat something containingprotein directly after my workout to replenish myself and help keep muscle mass. Rachelle

Is it good to remove shirt during the workout in gym or not?

Yes better to remove shirt while doing gymastics.

Is morning or evening workout better for a beginner?

When you wake up, you should do a quick 20 minute workout, and then eat. Typically, you should eat breakfast no more than 30 minutes after waking up, and working out before breakfast is the best. You can always stick in some walking/jogging during the day, but then really workout again in the late afternoon. There is nothing that suggest this effect sleeping; there is even study to suggest it helps sleeping.

Why do you stretch a lot?

Stretching helps to improve muscle strength. Tight muscles during exercise can actually cause problems. It is best to stretch before and after a workout.

Can you work out 4 months during pregnancy?

Yes if you have a normal healthy pregnancy. Just no heavy lifting. Exercise and workout is good for you when pregnant. You feel your limits.

Is exercising at night more effective than during the day?

i would say it is not good to exercise at night because if you do it will not allow you to sleep so it would be better to exercise during the day

Is it safe walking during 1st month of pregnancy?

Yes, you are pregnant not ill. You need to exercise and continue as normal so you keep healthy.

What about exercise during pregnancy?

Exercise while pregnant is a good consideration, however it depends on what kind of exercise you are doing. For example, walking is a great exercise, while doing other more strenuous exercises may not. Always check with your doctor before going on any kind of exercise routine, especially when pregnant.