Catherine the Great

When was Catherine the Great born?


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Catherine the Great was born on May 2, 1729.

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Catherine the Great was born in Szczesin, Poland.

Catherine the The Great was born in Stettin, Prussia (not Russia) which is now Szczecin, Poland.

Catherine the Great was related to Christian August and the Holstein-Gottorp family in Russia. Catherine was also called Catherine II and was born in Poland.

Catherine the Great was born Sophie Auguste Frederike von Anhalt-Zerbst.

Catherine the Great was born on May 2, 1729.

She was born in Stettin -which is now Szczecin, Poland.

Catherine the great is also known as Catherine II of Russia.

Born a princess in Germany, Catherine the Great converted to Orthodoxy and was married to the heir to the Russian throne, the Grand Duke Peter of Holstein, grandson of Peter the Great.

Catherine the Great died of a stroke in 1796

Catherine the Great ruled Russia.

Catherine the Great reigned from 1762-1795.

Catherine the Great was Tsar of Russia.

Catherine the Great was the ruler of Russia.

Russia was ruled by both Peter the Great and Catherine the Great.

peter the great is a boy and catherine the great is a girl

Catherine II of Russia, also known as Catherine the Great, had two children, Paul of Russia and Alexis Bobrinsky. Alexis Bobrinsky was born out of wedlock.

Catherine the Great was born into the German ruling family. She was betrothed to her second cousin Peter, the future Tsar of Russia, to strengthen the relationship between Prussia and Russia.

Like Peter the Great, Catherine the Great modernized Russia and extended its empire.

Catherine the Great of Russia __ NOT Catherine the Great. She was born Sophia Augusta Frederika of Anhalt-Zerbst on April 21, 1729. She took the name Catherine after she moved to Russia because it sounded more Russian (she was German). It was not her middle name.

Peter the Great and Catherine the Great were both Russian rulers.

catherine the great ruled in moscow in the times of the russian ruling.

The duration of Great Catherine - film - is 1.65 hours.

The duration of The Rise of Catherine the Great is 1.58 hours.

Catherine the Great was a Czaress of Russia

When Catherine the Great died in 1796 her son was crowned Tsar Paul I.

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