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When was Coke Zero Facial Profiler created?


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Coke Zero Facial Profiler was created in 2009.

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there is no sugar in coke zero, but in diet coke there is only less sugar than in normal coke

No. Coke Zero has no calories, while regular Coke does.

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Well if you look on the back of the can it will tell you the calories and what it has inside it but its definitely coke zero because not only has it got zero calories it has zero caffeine and sodium

Sprite zero is an acid just as Coke or Coke Zero.

Coke Zero is better for you because it has 0 calories and zero sugars and carbs. Unlike Coke, which has 300 calories and a lot of sugars and carbs!!

Coke zeros have no calories.Coke has more sugar... and coke zero doesn't have as much sugar and less calories.

There is no sugar in Cherry Coke Zero.

actually coke is better for you.

0 calories.There are no calories in Coke Zero and the taste is really similar to the 'normal' coke.

0 that's why it's called coke zero

As the brand name says, there are no calories in Coke Zero.

No there are no preservatitves in regular coke. however in coke zero and diet coke there are.

Diet coke has more caffeine than coke zero. Diet coke has 46mcg caffeine per 12oz, Coke zero has 36mcg per 12oz. Pepsi MAX has 46mcg per 8oz.

A can of coke zero has OVER 9000 GRAMS OF SUGAR

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About 1 calorie. The aim of the soda was to have zero calories, hence the name "coke zero"

yes but coke zero is not so fattening

None. Coca-Cola Zero is called that due to "Zero Calories, Same Taste". Having no calories, Coke Zero has no sugar.

Hi, check out It states that coke zero has the same amount of caffeine as ordinary coke. You can get 'coke caffeine free' or sprite and 7 up have no caffeine.

coke zero. diet Pepsi makes you gain more weight.

On July 5, 2014, it will be the 56th running of the Coke Zero 400.

original coke is the best advice i can give you,

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