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Dobbies Garden Centres was created in 1865.

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Q: When was Dobbies Garden Centres created?
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In what year was Dobbies Garden Centres established?

The great Dobbies Garden Centres were established in the year 1865 in England. They provide a number of services such as gardening products, plants and horticulture advice.

Where is Dobbies Garden center located?

Dobbies Garden Centre has locations in Scotland, England and Norther Ireland. They operate 32 garden centers as well as restaurants and several large tourist sites.

Where can one purchase rubber tubing?

One can buy rubber tubing from garden centres, DIY stores and home improvement shops. These include B&Q, Homebase, Wickes, Do It All, Dobbies and Wilkinsons.

Where can indoor plant stands be purchased?

Indoor plant stands can be purchased in many high street stores including Argos and larger supermarkets. They can also be found in Garden Centres such as Dobbies or Strikes, and DIY stores.

Where can indoor greenhouses be bought?

One can purchase indoor greenhouses at most DIY stores and garden centres including Dobbies, Strikes, Homebase, B&Q and Wickes. They can also be purchased from Wilkinsons, Argos and IKEA.

What is the title and artist of the Christmas commercial for Dobbies Garden Centre?

The music on the Dobbies Christmas commercial is "The Christmas Song" by The Raveonettes, from the album "Music from the O.C. (Mix 3)".

Where can one purchase a patio bar set?

One can purchase a patio bar set at many home improvement stores such as Wilkinsons, Homebase and The Range. They can also be purchased from Dobbies and Strikes garden centres, online from Amazon and in larger Argos stores.

What does the Garden centers Group do?

The Garden Centres Group is an online shop for luxury flowers. Additionally the website Garden Centres Club has a furniture shop, restaurant picks and gardening sections.

When was Czech Centres created?

Czech Centres was created in 1986.

Where can you buy garden tubs?

Most local gardening centres will have a garden tubs. Such centres are B&Q and Homebase. There are online website for these stores as well as online stores specifically for garden products.

When was UK Online Centres created?

UK Online Centres was created in 2000.

When was Goals Soccer Centres created?

Goals Soccer Centres was created in 1987.

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