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Edward Witten is currently married to Chiara Nappi but when they married is not listed. As of June 2014 he is 62 years old and a theoretical physicist and professor.

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When was Edward Witten born?

Edward Witten was born on 1951-08-26.

Are Jason Witten and Tony Romo in a romantic relationship?

No. Jason Witten is married to Michelle Witten, and Tony Romo is single.

Who are Jason Witten's parents?

His mother's name is Kimberly Rider Witten and his father's name is Edward Witten from Tazewell, Va.

Who is the most intelligent physicist of all time?

Newton! Edward Witten may be smarter.

When did Edward Jenner get married?

Edward Jenner was married in 1788.

Is edward norton married?

Is Edward Norton married and does he have any children

Was edward heath married?

No, Sir Edward Heath never married.

Is Jason Witten Married?

yes he is married to a Beautiful woman named Michelle) Jason was born...? somewhere, but he is currently a tight end for the Dallas cowboys.... so ya he is married:)

Who is better dallas clark or Jason witten?

Jason Witten!

How tall is Paul Witten?

Paul Witten is 6' 2".

Was Edward vi married?

Edward VI was married to Elizabeth .

Where does Bella Swan and Edward Cullen get married?

Bella and Edward get married at the Cullen's house.

When was Jesse Witten born?

Jesse Witten was born on 1982-10-15.

When was Witten Central Station created?

Witten Central Station was created in 1849.

When was Lindsey Witten born?

Lindsey Witten was born on 1988-04-28.

When was Louis Witten born?

Louis Witten was born on 1921-04-13.

Who is prince edward married to?

He is married to Sophie.

What NFL team does Jason Witten play for?

Jason Witten plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

Do Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan get married?

Yes, Edward and Bella get married at the beginning of Breaking Dawn.

Who was edward vi married to?

Edward never married as he reigned for 6 years and died at the age of 16.

Who married William Edward Nightingale?

Frances "Fanny" nee Smith married to William Edward Nightingale.

What age was Bella Swan when she married Edward Cullen in Twilight?

She was 18 when she got married to Edward :) Save

What is that song called off twilight when edward is sucking Bella's blood?

It's "Let me sign", witten and sung by Robert Pattison, the gorgeous guy who plays Edward. He also did "Never think", which plays in the restaurant scene.

What position does Jason Witten play?

Jason Witten plays Tight End for the Dallas Cowboys.

What is the birth name of Jason Witten?

Jason Witten's birth name is Christopher Jason Witten.